by Oliver Reeh
7/28/2017 – It's obvious that in the diagram position White cannot really castle short (black bishop a7!). So a queen move should be played. 16.Qd3 or 16.Qe4 - which of these two passes your stress test?

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Oliver Reeh in ChessBase Magazine

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ChessBase Magazine #178 (June/July)

The editor’s top ten: 

  • Win with Plan B: Aronian analyses his game against Naiditsch at the Grenke Classic: with an exchange sacrifice, a king hunt and an alternative solution.
  • This is how child prodigies think: 12-year old Nihal Sarin from India presents for you his win over GM Bluebaum (video).
  • “The lurking bishop”: Enjoy the tactical fireworks with Oliver Reeh and solve his favourite combination with really masterly moves! (Interactive video)
  • “Strategically completely irrational”: Mihail Marin shows you what has been happening in recent years in the French Winawer Variation.
  • Speculative and spectacular: Enjoy Kramnik’s rook sacrifice for three pawns and a consternated Harikrishna!
  • The pawn as a curse: Test your endgame technique and together with Karsten Müller find the narrow pathway to the draw. (interactive video)
  • Triumph in Poikovsky: Emil Sutovsky (7 out of 9) analyses in great detail his first round win against the previous years’ victor: Sutovsky-Korobov
  • Sharp update: Let Erwin l'Ami show you fantastic new ideas for White and Black in the Two Knights Defence. (video)
  • Popular and dangerous: Adhiban delivers with his attacking win over Swayans further proof for the potential of Queen’s Pawn games.
  • Declining the gambit and still getting an advantage: Krisztian Szabo knows why you do not need to fear 3…f5 in the Ruy Lopez.





Oliver Reeh is an International Master, lives in Hamburg, and plays for the "Hamburger Schachklub" in the "Bundesliga". He is a long-time member of the ChessBase team, and regularly entertains and educates readers with his tactic column in the ChessBase Magazine. He is also co-author of the popular DVDs on Bobby Fischer, Mihhail Tal, Alexander Alekhine, and José Raul Capablanca appearing in the ChessBase Master Class Series.
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BKnight2003 BKnight2003 7/30/2017 12:46
If you think that a better course of action would be not to take all of this too seriously, why did you bring the point up?

My opinion: we should not go too far with all this political correctness; it would make language virtually impossible.

By the way, I could swear that "attagirl" was a mix of "attack" and "girl"...
prail prail 7/29/2017 11:54
@fons There is nothing derogatory about the quaint term of encouragement "attagirl." Furthermore, these "girls" would crush you at chess.
footloose4 footloose4 7/29/2017 08:01
My comment is about the notes that say Nxe4 Nd6 O-O Bf5. Why even both with Bf5? The knight on e4 is already hanging. Just play Rxe4.
fons fons 7/29/2017 01:42
The term "attagirl" can be considered as a form of sexism. Urban Dictionary summarizes it best: An expression of congratulations or praise directed at a female. Comes from the expression "that's a good girl" which became "that a girl" and finally "attagirl."

I'm noticing it because just a few days ago there was an article here describing just the same sort of casual sexism in the chess world: “Women’s chess”: A misleading and counterproductive label.

This sort of casual sexism is very pervasive in modern culture. Now I don't think the author said it to be sexist, that's not the point. But he still said it; that's the point.

There's also the expression "attaboy", which is just the same.

An argument can be made that we should not go too far with all this political correctness; it would make language virtually impossible. I suppose a better course of action would be to not take all of this too seriously.