Turning point

by Oliver Reeh
4/11/2020 – In the diagram, White has just played 31.Qc2, threatening both Qc8+ and Qxh7. Your choice for Black: resign ... or get the advantage!

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Too late

One move earlier, 30.Qc2! would have been quite strong. However: "It still seems that White wins, but I had prepared a nice surprise there ..." - Romain Edouard in CBM 194 Extra.


ChessBase Magazine Extra 194

CBM 194 Extra



Oliver Reeh has been working for ChessBase for many years as a translator and presenter of the internet show TV ChessBase, and he also looks after the tactics column in ChessBase Magazine, for which he has also been responsible as editor-in-chief since 2019. The International Master has contributed to the CB "MasterClass" series and is the author of the DVDs "Strike like the World Champions" and "Master Class Tactics - Train your combination skills!" Volumes 1 & 2. Oliver Reeh lives in Hamburg.


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