Greek gift declined

by Oliver Reeh
2/8/2019 – The diagram position saw the continuation 18...Nxc3 19.Qh5 whereupon White threatens discovered check and mate. Now, what Black player would be so foolhardy to allow such a seemingly deadly constellation... You!?

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Miraculous escape

Actually the Greek gift 17.♗xh7+ leading to the diagram position could have been accepted, but this would have deprived us of a nice four-step defensive mechanism by Black!


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Oliver Reeh is an International Master, lives in Hamburg, and plays for the "Hamburger Schachklub" in the "Bundesliga". He is a long-time member of the ChessBase team, and regularly entertains and educates readers with his tactic column in the ChessBase Magazine. He is also co-author of the popular DVDs on Bobby Fischer, Mihhail Tal, Alexander Alekhine, and José Raul Capablanca appearing in the ChessBase Master Class Series.


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qiqiangzhu qiqiangzhu 2/11/2019 06:14
famous one, good review.
genem genem 2/9/2019 12:02
When I click on move 19. Qh5<d2, I see this 2D chessboard display a green arrow that indicates what White's best next move (or "threat") would be IF Black magically played the Null move and White were magically allowed to move again. The green arrow indicates 20. Bg6<h7+.

If showing the threat is valuable here, it would also be valuable as additional output when in Fritz I click 'Comparison Analysis' (or 'Blunder Check'). So why do the ChessBase developers not want to add the option of this additional output?

(By the way, "Qh5<d2" is XSAN notation - 'eXstended SAN'. XSAN is better than LAN.)
Sampru Sampru 2/8/2019 03:52
WildKid WildKid 2/8/2019 02:10
Thanks for a great article!