Stunningly simple: One-click-training

by Martin Fischer
2/3/2015 – Chess training has never been easier. Trainers can simply put a link to a virtual training room on on a website of their choice, students, no matter where they are, simply click the link and will be directed to the server. There coach and student meet and can choose from a whole range of training opportunities to get better.

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Even online training requires a room - a virtual one, where student and trainer can meet. The virtual rooms on are only one click away from a website - of clubs, trainers, or others. These rooms on playchess.comare an ideal platform for chess training online - and ChessBase 13 provides the key.

Virtual training rooms on

The new web client allows every chess coach to create his or her individual training rooms on explains how it is done. You simply put the link to the training room on your own or another website  and all students just need one click to get to your training room. Give it a try, check it out, and click on the image below.

In this room you can teach, organise training tounaments, play simuls or let your students play training games.

ChessBase 13 and the cloud

Use ChessBase 13 to contact your students, give them homework, tasks or training material.

Have a look at the database below. That's how a training database in the cloud could look like:


The first game contains the task, the second game the task and the answer - analysis - of the student. The third game shows the feedback of the trainer.

ChessBase 13 helps trainers and students to cooperate better and more intensively, each with their individual tempo.

Thanks to the web client this also works when your student has no access to ChessBase 13. Just log on to with your playchess-account and have a look. Here, you and your student can look at games and analyse.

Two grandmaster accounts

FIDE grandmasters (GM and WGM) now get – on request – two free accounts on

One account includes premium membership, rank king (at least), is valid for an unlimited period of time, and runs under your real name. This helps you to let people know that you give chess lessons, that you play in a certain league or would like to do so. And of course you can follow tournaments and live commentary.

A second – anonymous – standard account, also running for an unlimited period of time, and with a name of your and rank king allows you to play "under the radar". 

Interested? For more information send an email to .


Martin Fischer, born 1962, is a ChessBase staffer who, among other things, organizes and holds seminars throughout Europe and helps administer


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