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5/30/2022 – This article, which appeared in the June issue of the British Magazine CHESS, is about two Grandmasters of Chess Composition – Oleg Pervakov and Christopher Jones – and about books they have produced containing selections of their output. You can try to solve them yourself on our live diagrams, with or without engine assistance, and then look at the annotated solutions on our live replay boards. A good way to study chess, don't you think?

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 Russian composer Oleg Pervakov, one of the best study composers currently active, published his first study in 1977, and, between then and now, has produced over 250. In 1995, with the help of Dutch study enthusiast Jan van Reek, he published 64 Majestic Studies, a very short book of just 36 pages, and the title is not hyperbole. The book is divided into five sections: Matter, Time, Space, Systematic Manoeuvres and Ultra-Modern Studies. Here from the first section is one of Oleg’s earliest successes.


As Oleg writes, here a logical manoeuvre leads to domination, a very popular study theme. 


In the above diagrams you can move the pieces to analyse, and in fact switch on an engine (fan icon below the board) for analysis assistance. That will provide answers to all "What if..." and "Why not..." questions that might arise. 

So what we are suggesting is that you solve the studies yourself, with or without engine help. At the bottom of this page you will find all the solutions, fully annotated.

Christopher Jones started composing chess problems in 1987. He began with directmates, but soon discovered his true passion, which is helpmates. He was awarded his Grandmaster title in 2012. He has been sub-editor of the helpmates section of The Problemist since 1997, has been the secretary of the British Chess Problem Society since 2002, and is currently its President. His recently-published book is Selected Helpmates 1989-2021.

Christopher writes engagingly about his helpmates and about himself. His book has nine chapters, the last titled ‘Scraping the Barrel’, which should give you an idea of his writing style, which is always enjoyable. He does not hold back from criticising himself on occasion. This is a tidily-produced paperback containing many helpmates, with the solutions set apart from the diagrams, for the convenience of solvers. The book can be acquired direct from the publisher at, and is warmly recommended.


Here, not from that last chapter, is a helpmate for you to solve. In a helpmate, Black plays first and plays to help White mate Black on, in this case, White’s third move. The move sequence is: 1 BW 2 BW 3 BW#. Chapeau to you if you succeed!

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And here are the solutions to the two studies above. Note that you can click on the moves of the notation to get a replay on the side, where you can follow the lines given. Below this board, once again, you have a fan icon to obtain engine assistance. There are also buttons for more lines, for the threat ("!") that the last move poses, download, etc.


The above feature is reproduced from Chess Magazine June/2022, with kind permission.

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