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by ChessBase
1/16/2023 – In the past, Fritztrainers were only available on DVD - you had to wait for the post, and installation on hard disk and online activation were unavoidable. Nowadays, downloading is the standard - so the training courses can be installed and started directly after purchase. However, only on Windows or Mac OS. It is now even more convenient and faster with the stream function on the ChessBase video page - also usable on mobile devices such as iPad, tablet or smartphone. You don't even have to enter a serial number here. This is how it works!

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Fritztrainers on iPad, Tablet & Co.

Half a year ago the ChessBase video portal was ready to go. Since then, not only all new Fritztrainers, but also all courses published since September 2019 have been made available as a stream - over 100 courses from Fabiano Caruana's Spanish Trilogy to the new "Making the Right Decisions" by Elisabeth Pähtz.

Anyone who now purchases a new Fritztrainer as a download in the ChessBase Shop can start the videos immediately via the web browser. But customers who bought the DVDs months ago can also enjoy the new streaming function!

Here you will find the current overview of all streamable Fritztrainers.

If you have already purchased Fritztrainers in the ChessBase Shop, take a look and try it out! Log in to the ChessBase video portal with your account and go to "My Videos". Here you will find all your video courses, which you can stream directly on the site.

You still have Fritztrainers on DVD that you would like to bring to your video site and stream there?

Get download + stream with your DVD!

Those who have purchased a Fritztrainer on DVD can additionally get the download and thus also the stream for mobile devices via the ChessBase Shop. The prerequisite is that the training course was released after September 2019. All you need is the serial number from your DVD box and a ChessBase account. And this is how it works:

1. Log in to the ChessBase Shop with your ChessBase account. (If you do not yet have a ChessBase account, please register in the ChessBase Shop: Create ChessBase Account and then log in to the shop).

2. Go to "My Downloads"

3. Click on the small "+" symbol on the right at the top

4. Enter the serial number of your Fritztrainer.

5. After refreshing the page, the download appears in the list and the link in the video portal: The Fritztrainer was successfully transferred!

Now click on the "Refresh" button and the new product will appear in the list of your products in your shop account. You can now start the video course in the video portal or immediately via the "Play" button directly under your Fritztrainer in your shop account:

The "Play" button loads the video course directly in the ChessBase video portal!

Browse the ChessBase video portal now! Have fun!


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