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by Peter Schreiner
5/23/2022 – The ChessBase video portal contains a wealth of videos on various topics (opening, middlegame and endgame). A helpful function for owners of the newer FritzTrainer courses is the possibility to view the contents of the purchased courses directly with the browser in the video portal. This makes it easier to access the courses as it is not necessary to view the contents of the courses with the ChessBase Reader, ChessBase or one of the chess programmes on the desktop.

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Via the video portal, you can watch the content directly with your smartphone or tablet and can thus flexibly access the content at any time.

The video portal displays the available FritzTrainers.

If you have already purchased one of the FritzTrainer DVDs displayed, the server will check this by linking to your ChessBase account/shop account. If so, you can play the contents of your purchased course directly in your browser. This is extremely useful when you are on the move, for example, as you can now view the content directly in the browser not only on your desktop but also on your mobile devices. There is no further query.

How can you see which courses of the FritzTrainer series are available? Simply click on Products - FritzTrainer in the main screen of the video portal.

Alternatively, you will find the overview at the bottom of the screen.

Summary: if you have already purchased a displayed FritzTrainer and it is listed in your shop account under "My Downloads", you can directly view the contents in the browser without further preparation.

Let's move on to another typical application example: When searching for FritzTrainers in the video portal, you find a course whose contents interest you, but which you do not yet own or have not yet purchased?

The preview window already gives you a small discreet hint in the form of a price indication that you do not yet own this course.

If you are interested, you have the option of starting the purchase process directly via the video portal. To do so, simply click on the FritzTrainer entry displayed.

You will now be redirected to your shop account and can place your order there as usual.

After you have ordered and paid for the course via the online shop, you can watch the course directly in your browser.


You can watch FritzTrainers directly via the video portal and are no longer dependent on the combination of a Windows computer and additional software. This means that you are not dependent on the system configuration when you purchase, and MAC users can watch the content via a browser without any problems.

In contrast to use via a Windows computer, there is no need to enter a serial number or use additional software.

Your ChessBase account name is directly linked to the shop. The video portal thus enables you to train easily with courses you have already purchased. In addition, if you are interested, you will be redirected directly to the shop with the purchase option for the FritzTrainer. After the purchase, you can view the content directly via browser when the chess course is listed in the video portal.

Have fun!

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Peter has been a member of the full-time staff at ChessBase since 2001. His interests include: chess, old chess books, computers, Roman history and drums.