Saving annotations from a ChessBase video

by ChessBase
5/24/2018 – Via Playchess, ChessBase offers hundreds of live and on-demand videos: live commentary webcasts of high-class tournaments or regular shows with the likes of Daniel King, Simon Williams, Lawrence Trent, and other stars. These videos are full of exciting annotated games, but have you ever wondered how you can you copy them to your own database? It just so happens that you can — and it's pretty easy! | Photo: ChessBase

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Make a GM's notes your own

If you're reading this you probably like to watch chess videos, which are available on ever more platforms and web sites nowadays. But unlike watching on, say, YouTube, when you access videos from the ChessBase Videos archive using your ChessBase account, you not only have access to all the interactive features of the ChessBase game viewer, but you can also import the annotations into your own private database for offline access.

Let's go to the ChessBase Videos archive and pick a video: E.g. An episode of Daniel King's "Power Play" Show. We click "Daniel King" in the video portal and get an overview of all his videos that are available:

Daniel King´s videos

Power Play videos in reverse chronological order

We can pick the April 18, 2018 entry on the list: "Caruana crunches the French".

In the course of this video, Daniel King analyses a game between Fabiano Caruana and Emanuel Berg. To copy the notation and the annotations by King click or tap the small disc symbol below the notation on the right — in our screenshot marked with an orange arrow.

The save button

The save button

Depending on your default settings of ChessBase 14 or Fritz 16 the game will be loaded automatically or the program opens a dialogue which asks you where you want to save the game. The game may also be saved automatically on your hard drive in the database "MyPGNDownloads" (under Documents/ChessBase/Bases).

The following screenshot shows the ChessBase 14 screen after the game loaded automatically:

Game as it appears loaded in ChessBase

Now, if you want to save the game in your Mega Database or in your Reference Database (or in another database) go to File→Save Game As:

Save game as...

Save Game As...

Now select a database of your choice and save the game — with all the annotations!


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