Saint Louis Chess Club: Ultimate Moves

by ChessBase
9/13/2022 – Between the Sinquefield Cup and the Chess 9LX Champions Showdown, the focus today is on fun, as the Ultimate Moves friendly game takes place at the Saint Louis Chess Center. Two teams made up of world-class players and enthusiastic amateurs take turns at the board after every five moves. | Follow the games live with commentary starting at 20.00 CEST (14.00 ET, 23.30 IST)

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Team Rex vs. Team John

Between the recently concluded Sinquefield Cup and the Chess 9LX Champions Showdown, the Saint Louis Chess Club’s Ultimate Moves is all about fun.

Two teams compete against each other. After five moves, one player leaves the board and a teammate steps in. However, not all team members are of the same level. World-class players and amateur chess enthusiasts alternate in each squad.

Before the start of the comparison, the captains Rex Sinquefield and John Beckstead chose their players from the world-class pool.

Live games and commentary


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