Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces - Part two

by ChessBase
10/24/2023 – The recently completed Qatar Masters 2023 was a quite strong event and, as usual, a lot of interesting games and subjects were in the daily menu. In the first instalment of this series world leading chess trainer GM Efstratios Grivas showed us why the endgame of rook vs. two minor pieces is a difficult one to understand and master. Using games from the above event (one by Carlsen) he is showing us how to play the endgame, and understand the secrets hidden behind it.

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Here's Eftratios Grivas' Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces - Part one

A usual unbalance is the case in chess endgames is when one side has a rook and the other two minor pieces in return. The first 'feeling' for this ending is that the pieces should prevail, but things are not that easy and not that clear. It is clear that the bishop and the knight duo make an ideal partnership, but still the rook must be respected!

Here are three more examples of the battle between rook and two minor pieces, all taken from the recent super-strong Qatar Masters tournament.

Note that you can click on the notation to get a separate replay board where you can start an engine to assist in analysis. You can also click on the evaluation graph to see how the game progressed and where it turned. 

Eftratios Grivas

Eftratios Grivas is a Greek grandmaster, senior trainer, FIDE arbiter and organiser. His full CV was provided in part one of this series.

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