Robert Ris' Fast and Furious: Queen's Indian Defence: Petrosian Variation

by Robert Ris
11/26/2020 – In this week's show, well-known Dutch trainer Robert Ris takes a look at an old favourit of Garry Kasparov: the Petrosian Variation of the Queen's Indian Defense. | "Fast and Furious" is available from 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET / 16:00 EDT) on-demand with a ChessBase Premium Account. You can register a Premium account here. | Photo: Frederic Friedel

Mastering Pattern Recognition in the Opening Mastering Pattern Recognition in the Opening

Pattern recognition is an important tool in modern chess, as it helps you to understand better the characteristics of a position. Particularly when you have been confronted with a surprise opening system played by your opponent, it helps when you can just


A dangerous weapon

Robert Ris: "Whenever the Petrosian Variation is played, our minds go back to the 80s when the young Kasparov used to defeat his opponents impressively with this line. In our main game we will look at another spectacular victory for White in this line. The young Russian GM Alexey Sarana builds up a nice attack and converts smoothly after Black misses the critical defense. In the exact same line of the Petrosian Variation (4.a3 Bb7 5.Nc3 Ne4) Kasparov won a very impressive game against Ulf Andersson in Tilburg 1981 which will be discussed as well."

A World Champion's Repertoire against the Queen's Gambit Declined

This DVD offers a complete repertoire for handling this solid opening, often featuring a dynamic approach to pose the opponent more practical problems. Both of the main continuations 3...Nf6 and 3...Be7 are covered in two separate parts.

Warming up exercise: Should Black defend with 15...f5 or with 15...g6?


You can move the pieces on the live diagram!

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Robert is an International Master who mostly spends his time training and coaching talented youngsters. On the PlayChess server The Fast and the Furious is a popular show where he explains sharp opening lines for a wider audience. He is also a well-known ChessBase author who produced numerous DVDs and regularly contributes to ChessBase Magazine as well. Since 2015 he is the organizer of the Dutch Rapid Championships in his home town Amstelveen. He has started a YouTube channel with chess analysis as well.


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