Relax and replay games automatically

by Nadja Wittmann
4/25/2018 – What should you do when you are in the mood for some chess don't necessarily feel like serious training? Perhaps treat yourself to some "chess-cinema" and simply review a few nice games? ChessBase 14 makes this easy and fun. | Drawing: ChessBase

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play! Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.


Relax and enjoy!

In a database select the games you want to replay automatically (or create a database with these games and select all with Ctrl+A), and now right-click on this selection.

Choose "Replay games automatically":

Replay games automatically

Replay games automatically

That's it! The program does everything else! 

You can enjoy the games either on your computer or — if you like to think big — project them on a wall:

Rustam Kasimdzhanov

Rustam Kasimdzhanov: "Have a look at this move by Magnus! Fantastic!"

"Tempo" allows you to adjust the speed with which the games are shown.


The Auto-replayer in ChessBase 14

This can also be useful when you want to get a quick overview of the games of an upcoming opponent.

Give it a try — here are some famous games to enjoy! You can use the "Download PGN" button to save them locally.


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