Quintiliano's Quintet

by Oliver Reeh
1/27/2024 – Starting from the diagram position, Black must make five correct decisions to win - but the win will be nice. Have fun!

Strike like the world champions Strike like the world champions

88 times, IM Oliver Reeh leads you step by step through the most brillant game conclusions of the world champions - in interactive Fritztrainer format, enabling you to enter the winning moves yourself.


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Oliver Reeh has been working for ChessBase for many years as a translator and presenter of the internet show TV ChessBase, and he also looks after the tactics column in ChessBase Magazine, for which he has also been responsible as editor-in-chief since 2019. The International Master has contributed to the CB "MasterClass" series and is the author of the DVDs "Strike like the World Champions" and "Master Class Tactics - Train your combination skills!" Volumes 1 & 2. Oliver Reeh lives in Hamburg.
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oliver reeh oliver reeh 1/29/2024 01:45
Let's just say counting was the fifth challenge ...

After 26.Qe3 Nxc3! was to be found. It seems this task was swallowed somehow, making it only Quinti's quartet.

All the best
Karsten Müller Karsten Müller 1/28/2024 03:27
BKnight2003: Really good title and example by Oliver Reeh! Indeed only a fifth decision is missing to complete Quintilliano's quintet...
BKnight2003 BKnight2003 1/28/2024 02:09
It is only FOUR decisions! Which is a pity, because I found them all, and wanted a fifth!