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by Daniel King
2/8/2019 – Friday at 17:00 UTC (18:00 CET, Noon EST) Daniel King will go on air on You can watch the episode live for free! All the usual puzzles, games and instruction will be on offer. Puzzle and the live video...

Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge

Checkmate. That's the aim of the game. There are numerous ways to checkmate the enemy king, but there are common patterns that recur over and over again, and having these at our mental fingertips is essential for when we want to finish the game.


More AlphaZero

There is a connection between this and a terrible blunder by Praggnandhaa from the Tata Steel Challengers. I will also be looking at a game from the AlphaZero-Stockfish match featuring a glorious attack.


What result and why? Solution in the show!

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On another note, Daniel King published his 25th Powerplay DVD on "Popular Queen's Pawn Openings - A Repertoire for Black"

Here's a teaser:

Powerplay 25 Popular Queen's Pawn Openings A Repertoire For Black

On this DVD, Grandmaster Daniel King presents a repertoire for Black against the opoular queen's pawn openings such as the London System or the Trompowsky!

Daniel King is a regular on Commentating on live events such as the World Championship or analysing themes for his monthly Power Play Show. He also produces a DVD series called Power Play for ChessBase in the Fritztrainer format.


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