The Power Play Show - AlphaZero

by Daniel King
12/7/2018 – Friday at 18:00 CET (17:00 UT) Daniel King will go on air on You can watch the episode live for free. All the usual puzzles, games and instruction will be on offer, plus Daniel will be looking at the AlphaZero games vs Stockfish. Puzzle and the live video...

Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge Powerplay 26: Checkmate Challenge — essential knowledge

Checkmate. That's the aim of the game. There are numerous ways to checkmate the enemy king, but there are common patterns that recur over and over again, and having these at our mental fingertips is essential for when we want to finish the game.


AlphaZero vs Stockfish

The Power Play Show 5pm (UK), featuring puzzles from the games of AlphaZero vs Stockfish.

Here's just one position you might encounter if you watch this episode of Power Play:


White to play and win

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On another note, Daniel King published his 25th Powerplay DVD on "Popular Queen's Pawn Openings - A Repertoire for Black"

Here's a teaser:

Powerplay 25 Popular Queen's Pawn Openings A Repertoire For Black

On this DVD, Grandmaster Daniel King presents a repertoire for Black against the opoular queen's pawn openings such as the London System or the Trompowsky!


Daniel King is a regular on Commentating on live events such as the World Championship or analysing themes for his monthly Power Play Show. He also produces a DVD series called Power Play for ChessBase in the Fritztrainer format.
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jsaldea12 jsaldea12 12/13/2018 02:49
Why stockfish lost to Alphazero

It appears like this, subject to correction by Dr, Dennis Hassabis : Alphazero selfanalyzes some 80,000 moves a second from every position as presented and played at that TIME on the board and Alphazero self-mInd selects the best move thereof. And while stockfish has storage of moves per second, by the millions, not all positions presented on the board as played at the time are on the stated storage, as downloaded, by the millions.. And to think that there are billions of variations of moves, the first 10 moves .
jsaldea12 jsaldea12 12/13/2018 12:37
jsaldea12 Just now

Continuity: Can self-searching alphazero search if black hole exists in the center of Milky Way?

It appears like this: simulate/feed the actual pictures of the Milky Way to alphazero hard disk (brain) and command alphazero to search if the greatest light of Milky Way comes from the center of Milky Way or not. If it originates from the center, then it proves light escapes , there is no black hole.

Jose S. Aldea
Dec. 13.2018
jsaldea12 jsaldea12 12/11/2018 11:00
Deep-Mind Alphazero potentialities:

It is like deep mind alphazero has just seen a tree while behind lies the virgin forest. By releasing its secret programming, coding to the public, now many computer experts are downloading with their PCs, laptops. This new self-learning, alphazero has opened a door to this entirely NEW unexplored, unlimited forest for exploration and utilization for the benefit of mankind, re- chess is just one, in medicine (Dr. Hassabis, author od alphazero, mentions cancer), in science ( is black hole real, global warming and climate change).The deep-mind Alphazero has just tap the tip of the iceberg. But the potential is too enormous. Because it has proven its capability to self-think, self-move by itself, without human interference, it can break through in other more important fields in medicines, science.

Google would not spent $500million to buy deep-mind alphazero just for self-solving by itself chess, ,Go. It is meant for something much important. So far it has not broken through but in time, it will.

.Jose Aldea
12.11, 2018
bbrodinsky bbrodinsky 12/8/2018 03:43
To all the people defending the recent boring WCC match(es) by saying "they're not boring, they're playing super-accurate computer-like chess, and that by nature is boring and drawish".

Well, let me introduce you to alphazero, which sacs pieces, plays what looks like reckless chess. Oh, it would probably beat Carlsen and Caruana in 12 game matches by something close to 24-0.

Thus removes THAT excuse for the last many dreadful WCC matches. There needs to be a change in the format, some incentive for the players to play real chess, not the safe-play-for-the-rapids non-sense stuff. Maybe we should threaten them with alphazero!

This is such a great article. Brute force has taken a beating! We can only hope that alphazero technology leads to breakthroughs in medicine, the environment, etc.