Player search in ChessBase 14

by Nadja Wittmann
4/19/2018 – Do you know how to use the "Find Player" function in ChessBase 14 to prepare for your next opponent? it takes only a few clicks and the opening repertoire of your opponent is revealed, strengths and weaknesses included. But maybe you also want to take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of other players? | Drawing: ChessBase

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Seek and ye shall find!

With "Find Player" you can search in ChessBase 14 for players and their data — you can even create a complete dossier. To do so, you need to activate the "Online Player Encyclopedia" to give your ChessBase program access to the current data in the encyclopedia.

Activating the Online Player Encyclopedia

Start your ChessBase 14 program and go to FileOptionsEncyclopedia.

File → Options

Player Encyclopedia from Server

Make sure that "Player Encyclopedia from Server" is activated. This allows you access to the online player encyclopedia that is online and continuously updated. Special functions that accelerate the search allow a very quick, efficient access to the player portraits.

Example: Search for Erwin l'Ami

Select "Erwin l'Ami" with a double-click

Es werden diejenigen Informationen angezeigt, die zu Erwin l'Ami in der Spielerdatenbank enthalten sind

The Player Encyclopedia currently offers 22 pictures of Erwin, ranging from 2000 to 2017

Games by Erwin l'Ami

Pictures and rating statistics might contain important information but usually, we are first of all interested in the games by the player we are looking for. Click on "Dossier". ChessBase 14 now searches for games by Erwin l'Ami in the database: 

Erwin l'Ami´s games played with white

Look at the games, browse through the repertoire

ChessBase 14 comes up with a list of games by Erwin l'Ami (here the games with White), the most recent game is from the Reykjavik Open 2018, March 12. On the left of the games list is a variation tree with the White repertoire of the Dutch. Who obviously is a 1.d4-player. If you want to know what he does against e.g. the Nimzo-Indian or the Dutch, just click the relevant move in the variation tree. This allows you to explore l'Ami's repertoire move-by-move. You also see his success ratio for each line! But let's see — what does the Dutchman do against the Dutch (1.d4 f5)!? 

L'Ami has tried a number of moves against 1...f5, most often 2.Nc3 (followed by 3.Bg5). The list of games on the right shows that he has scored well with this line, particularly in his most recent games, against his countryman Dimitri Reinderman. A double-click on any of these games loads it from the list into your board window where you can examine and analyse it.

And this is how you can prepare for your next opponent — provided the database contains sufficient games for him or her!


The "Dossier" function not only opens with the games by a player but in another window also presents more information from the reference database about this player: the development of his rating, the tournament successes in his career, remarkable games and (in this case) l'Ami's analyses in the database (if you use the Mega Database as Reference Database).​


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