Playchess - Autumn Series 2020: Join the action today!

by Martin Fischer
11/4/2020 – Today, Wednesday, November 4, the Playchess Autumn Series 2020 continues. With a blitz tournament (20:00 CET, 19:00 UTC, 14:00 ET), in which you can win online training with GM Sebastian Siebrecht. Felix Gerland won last week's tournament and online training with GM Yannick Pelletier. Martin Fischer reports.

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Playchess - Autumn Series 2020

The first individual blitz tournament was played, the next tournament will follow on November 4, 2020

Continuation of the series

After the success of the first tournament, the series will be continued. We have simplified the registration procedure with a form. Just go to and register.

Blitz tournament October 28, 2020

With about 40 participants, the tournament was well attended, and ran smoothly, though there were small minor issues in the first three rounds.

With 5 out 5 tournament favourite and top seed IM Robert Baskin started very well but then lost speed which allowed Felix Gerland to win the tournament with 7.5/9.

Felix Gerland won a 90-minute online training with ChessBase author GM Yannick Pelletier, while Robert Baskin may invite himself and friends to an online blitz tournament with ChessBase author GM Nicholas Pert.

Third place (a one-year subscription of the ChessBase Magazine) went to Christian Köpke. The places four (6 months Premium) and five ( 3 months Premium) went to Stefan Eilers and Daniel Ochs.

Results and standings



Invitation to the blitz tournament on November 04, 2020:

Mode, date and times, virtual venue

Individual blitz, nine rounds Swiss, 3+2, October 28;

Registration at the latest 19.30 CET.

Round 1: 20.00
Round 2: 20.15
Round 3: 20.30
Round 4: 20.45
Round 5: 21.00
Round 6: 21.15
Round 7: 21.30
Round 8: 21.45
Round 9: 22.00

The tournament will end around 22.20.

The respective round does not start before the specified time, but no later than three minutes after the end of the previous round.

Scoring + Prizes

Points count most, then progressive scoring, and finally Buchholz.


  • 1st place: 90 minutes online training with GM Sebastian Siebrecht;
  • 2nd place: Chess party - an online blitz tournament (optionally with video) with GM Sebastian Siebrecht;
  • 3rd place: 1 year subscription ChessBase Magazine;
  • Place 4: 1 year ChessBase Premium;
  • Place 5: 6 months ChessBase Premium.


Registration ends on November 4, 19.30. Please register with the following link:

Results and standings of the tournaments will be updated continuously on chess-results:


The tournament will be played on, in the virtual tournament room "Herbstserie". It can be accessed via the current client (part of the programs ChessBase 14 or 15, Fritz 16 or 17, Komodo 13 oder 14, (free download under ), under tournaments "Herbstserie 2020"

and via the webbrowser with the link

To play in these blitz tournaments you do need a Premium Account.


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