Summer, sun, and

by Steffen Giehring
7/26/2018 – Summer time is holiday time. But not all chess players use their holidays to play in a summer open. If you pursue other interests but still want to keep in shape you might want to turn to the WebApp. It offers a good way to play on your iPhone, smartphone, tablet or IPad, etc.

ChessBase 14 Premium package — English Version ChessBase 14 Premium package — English Version

Follow the World Champion and your chess friend next door. Start your success story with ChessBase 14 and enjoy your chess even more! In addition to the ChessBase 14 Program, the Premium Package contains:
• Access to the Live-Database (8 million games)*
• Mega Database 2018
• ChessBase Magazine subscription for a full year (6 issues)
• Database-Update-Service through end of 2018
• Full year Premium membership for playchess and for the ChessBase Accounts
• Corr Database 2018
• Endgameturbo 4


Friends, neighbours, and favourite opponents

If you are a regular player on you will have noticed other regular players. Hint: If you enjoyed the games against these players or if a player suits you particularly well, you can add him or her to your list of "Friends". Search the player in the list of your "Opponents" and click on the "Friend" below. 

Of course you should also add your colleagues from your chess club or your team to the list of your friends if you happen to know their playchess user name. Click "Friends", then "Add" and now enter the user name of the player you want to add.

Adding friends

Or have a look who from your neighbourhood happens to be on the server: click on "Community". This shows you strong players and title holders but also all players who happen to be near - your "Neighbours".

The "Playchess Community"

The "Playchess Community", the players that just happen to be on the server

After creating a list of "Friends" you can check "Online only" to then send challenges to your favorite opponents or to players from your circle of friends. A good way to stay in touch and have more fun on!

So sieht es aus, wenn man auf dem Mobiltelefon spielt!

Chess on your mobile!

An original feature are the sounds that the server creates, e.g. after the opponent blundered (an exasperated sigh) or after you made a stong move (slight applause). - Therefore: no reason to be alarmed!

Here are some examples:


Dr Steffen Giehring, born in 1968, has been a ChessBase employee for over 25 years. Since autumn 2018 he has been editor-in-chief of ChessBase Magazine together with Oliver Reeh.