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by Atul Dahale
2/18/2018 – The 20th Dubai Open 2018 will be held from April 1st to the 12th, 2018. It is one of the strongest open tournaments in the world and an ideal tournament for all ambitious players to gain their rating or score their IM/GM norms. All the details and a look at Dubai attractions. | Pictured: The famous Burj Khalifa with a height of 829.8 m is one of the tallest structures in the world since its topping out in late 2008. | Photo:

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The 20th Dubai Chess Open

The 20th Dubai Chess Open will be held under the patronage of Sheikh Rashid Bin Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum from 1st - 12th April 2018 at the Dubai Chess & Culture Club. Dubai Open is an international chess tournament that is organized and hosted annually by the club since 1999. Over the years, Dubai Open has become one of the strongest open tournaments in the world and is known for attracting top-class chess players and grandmasters.

Why does the Dubai Open attract some of the strongest players in the world? We tell you why:

Magnificent playing venue

Dubai Chess and Culture club

The Dubai Chess and Culture club is famous for its unique shape! | Photo : Amruta Mokal

playing hall

A spacious playing hall | Photo : Amruta Mokal

DGT board

Around 50 boards will be broadcast live! | Photo: Amruta Mokal


Huge prize fund:

The total prize fund of the tournament is USD 50,000. There are 15 main prizes and different special prizes which include Best Female, Best Arab player, Best Emirati player, Best Dubai player and various Elo category prizes. 

Main Prizes

Prize fund

The Special Prizes are as follows:

Special prizes

Excellent IM/GM norm chances:

There are great chances to achieve your IM/ GM norm in this tournament as many strong players will play here. Last year a total of 117 titled players took part including 42 GMs, 6 WGMs, 33 IMs and 6 WIMs.

starting rank 2017

With the top 21 players above 2600 Elo, a solid performance will make sure that you make your norm

Gawain Jones

The 19th edition of Dubai Open was won by Former British Champion GM Gawain Jones, who took home Sheikh Rashed bin Hamdan AL Maktoum Cup and USD 13,000 | Photo: Iva Videnova

International transit hub

Dubai is readily accessible by air from anywhere.

Who can participate in this grand tournament?

The tournament is open to all Fide-rated players with a standard rating of 1500 and above (as of February 1st, 2018).

Entry Fee

Based on standard (classical) rating and title as of February 1st, 2018, entry fee is as follows:

Entry fee

Entry fees have to be paid in FULL prior to the deadline (10th March, 2018) either in cash at Dubai Chess & Culture club or through Bank Transfer/ Deposit to the following address:

Payment details

Kindly mention your Name and Fide ID in your transfer and update the payment section in the online registration form.

The Schedule


Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is a destination that mixes modern culture with history, adventure with world-class shopping and entertainment. If you are going to play in the Dubai Open then you must visit these following famous places:

Desert safari

Desert Safari | Photo:

Ferrari World

Ferrari World. It's like dream world in reality! | Photo: Liberty Holidays Dubai

Burj Al Arab

The most premium hotel in Dubai Burj Al Arab | Photo: Liberty Holidays Dubai


Atul Dahale is one of the first Internationally FIDE rated players from the small town of Parbhani in Maharashtra India. He loves the game of chess and enjoys the fact that he can travel to different places, meet people and make new friends thanks to chess.
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DanielleRice DanielleRice 2/19/2018 10:57
Will Israeli and Jewish players be banned like they were in Saudi Arabia?
artegall artegall 2/19/2018 04:13
Time Control is not mentioned.
thirteen thirteen 2/19/2018 12:57
Cheaters should have their foreheads BRANDED!!!
Or at the very least their faces PUNCHED!!! And DON'T think that I WOULDN'T!!!
[Sorry, did I say that out aloud?]
dimitri komarov dimitri komarov 2/19/2018 06:21
Also there is plan to make Sharjah Masters open after Dubai open 2018 but still nothing official