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2/15/2018 – What's the best way to study and train openings? It's a common question. Whether you use ChessBase 14, Fritz 16, the Web Apps or the Fritztrainer video series, you have tools at your disposal to make your opening work easier and more effective. Here's a short tutorial how to study and practice an opening with the help of ChessBase!

Fritz 16 - He just wants to play! Fritz 16 - He just wants to play!

Fritz 16 is looking forward to playing with you, and you're certain to have a great deal of fun with him too. Tense games and even well-fought victories await you with "Easy play" and "Assisted analysis" modes.


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Magnus Carlsen likes the London System — reason enough to take a look at it. Just recently the World Champion played it in the Tata Steel Masters tournament, in Wijk aan Zee, beating Wesley So.

But if your name is not Magnus (and you don't feel like sitting on the floor!), how should you study the opening? Simon Williams offers help:

"If you want to understand the London System first take a look at my videos and the illustrative games on them. This helps you to understand the ideas and that helps you to memorise the variations afterwards."


Important games in the London System (click or tap to expand)

Simon Williams' DVD about the London System comes with videos that offer you the chance to test your knowledge about the opening, either before, after or during your study of the various positions and lines.

The videos are interactive — the trainer will give feedback. If your answer is correct you will get a compliment; if it is wrong the right answer will be explained.

Simon Williams screenshot

The "Ginger GM" in action for ChessBase

If you open the "LiveBook" in another window you see other continuations that have been played in the position you are studying.

ChessBase view LiveBook

The next level of training

The authors of the FritzTrainer series have to select the moves they analyse and so they look at the most important continuations. But the LiveBook helps you discover other moves to examine, with an engine if necessary:


Click or tap to expand image

From the board window in ChessBase 14 we can directly go to Fritz to analyse a certain line. Select File → Go to Fritz.

If you are in the Fritz 16 program go to Training → Theme Blitz. Here, we can play the line against an engine, either from the position in question or from the starting position if you want to memorise the moves of your line. We can also switch sides, that is, we can play the line with white and with black to understand it better.

Go to Fritz, theme blitz

File → Go to Fritz goes directly to Fritz in ChessBase 14, while Training → Theme Blitz lets you train against an engine in Fritz 16

In the board window of ChessBase 14 we can also go to the ChessBase WebApp Fritz Online to play the position against the program. Go to the tab Training and select Play Out Against Fritz. This also works on your mobile device. And that's not all:

Open the Openings App:

The WebApp "Openings" helps us to work on our opening repertoire on our mobile. The whole sequence of moves which we opened in the board window in ChessBase 14 is transferred automatically.

Openings WebApp

If we go to 5.Nf3 and select Mark Move this position is automatically added to our opening repertoire with the white pieces.

If we click on Load White the notation shows the opening repertoire which we had saved for our games with white.

Going to the opening position of the game and clicking Drill White allows us to make our moves which the program answers automatically until we reached the marked position. This helps to memorise the lines!

The Openings App shows the level you reached and indicates if you make a move that is basically not part of your repertoire. If you stop the training mode you will again see the LiveBook information.

Openings app

Click or tap to expand image

Practice makes perfect

Ir a Playchess Fritz 16

Of course it's practical games that show how good your opening preparation is. But don't wait for the next tournament game: test your opening preparation on the ChessBase server To connect with from Fritz 16 click the button on the start screen.

If we want to play a certain opening position we choose a player from the players list and click Challenge. A dialogue opens. We uncheck Rated and now the program asks us whether we want to play with or without clock. We can also choose the colour and enter whether we want to send the opening moves of our game to our opponent to practice the opening with him.

Challenge a friend to a specific opening

Start game

If the opponent accepts the challenge (you best ask first in the chat or make an agreement with a chess friend) the program tells us what to do next to start practicing.

Of course we can also just play a rated game. Naturally, in this case we cannot choose colour and opening of the game. But after the end of the game we will get valuable comments and hints from the virtual Fritz 16 coach. 

Fritz 16 analyses your game while you play and after the game you immediately can look at the live analysis in the notation:

The live analysis of Fritz 16 is automatically included into the notation after the game

Give it a try! Practice makes perfect!


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