Norwegian Championship: Simen Agdestein clinches ninth title

by Press release
7/10/2023 – Simen Agdestein emerged as the winner of the 2023 Norwegian Championship Championship and took his ninth national title. Aged 56, Simen beat his own record set last year and again became the oldest Norwegian champion of all time. | Photo: Helge Brekke (tournament page)

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FIDE press release

The 2023 Norwegian Championship was held in fifteen categories from June 30 to July 8 in Vallhall Arena, Oslo. The Klasse Elite, a 9-round Swiss tournament brought together the best local players, except Magnus Carlsen, who was fighting in SuperUnited Rapid & Blitz Zagreb those days.

Unlike the 2022 event, in which Agdestein had breezed past competition and won with a round to spare, the 2023 campaign was not an easy ride for the defending champion. Simen grabbed the lead after Round 4 but suffered a setback in Round 6 at the hands of IM Benjamin Haldorsen, who caught up with him.

Undaunted, Agdestein finished strong with two straight victories, scored 6.5/9 and clinched the title. GM Evgeny Romanov, IM Elham Abdrlauf and the rating favourite GM Aryan Tari finished a half-point behind the champion and tied for second place. Silver and bronze went to Romanov and Abdrlauf, respectively, thanks to superior median Buchholz.

In round 8 Agdestein scored a crucial win in a theoretically interesting fine attacking game.

Final standings