Newsletter #02 from ChessBase India

by Priyadarshan Banjan
2/29/2016 – Chess in India, with Vishy Anand at the helm and a large number of talents behind him, has a bright future – in fact India is an emerging chess superpower. But the infarstructure of information and reporting has been somewhat lacking. That is all set to change, with a web portal dedicated to Indian tournaments and players. ChessBase India brings you quality chess content at an unparalleled level.

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Newsletter #02: ChessBase India

By Priyadarshan Banjan

Chess is not always about winning. Sometimes it is simply about learning, and so is life. ChessBase India aims to serve the national chess audience with the right technological backing at prices affordable to the Indian strata. And not just with our products – we aim to power chess in India with quality chess content, at a level unparalleled in India. The focus is always on learning and our dear readers have shown tremendous faith in our endeavor.

In our second newsletter, we shall recap the content that we have served in bygone couple of weeks.

Tournament coverage

IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Junior and Open Tournament
Chess is not just about beating your opponent. It is more than just a sport – it is an epicenter that brings people together. A strong prize fund, a fabulous venue and a dedicated set of officials always mean a great chess tournament, which is precisely what IIFL Wealth Mumbai International tournament turned out to be! Raunak Sadhwani became the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Junior Chess Champion 2016 while GM Swapnil Dhopade won the Open tournament by a half-point margin. We covered the tournament extensively extensively and you can read the final round report here. The tournament gave us the opportunity to take some deliciously cute pictures!

Ten-year-old Raunak Sadhwani won the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Junior (U-13) Tournament

Gibraltar Masters 2016
Hikaru Nakamura won the Gibraltar Masters 2016 in great style. For Indians it was a highly successful event as 16 out of the 21 players we had out there increased their rating. Sethuraman was the best performer, finishing fourth, while Harikrishna settled for fifth. We will soon bring you a final detailed report with games, moments and much more from Gibraltar, as of now enjoy this quick report with links to our previous round-by-round coverage with exhaustive analysis of games here.

Indian super-performers: Sethuraman and Harikrishna

Adhiban wins Wijk aan Zee-B
It was edge-of-the-seat entertainment, as the last round of the Tata Steel Challengers saw three players with a chance to win the title. In the end it was the 23-year-old from Chennai who drew his final round game and came out victorious. B. Adhiban not only played some great games of chess but also defended skillfully in nearly lost positions. His fighting abilities and never-say-die spirit are the reasons why he has earned a spot in the next year’s Masters! We have the final report and a short interview with the winner, with additional links to previous reports replete with analysis of games and more!

Tata Steel Challengers winner B. Adhiban

36th National Team Championship 2016
Sugar, spice and everything nice – the Indian National Teams Championship 2016 ended with a spectacular finale that was as gripping as gripping could possibly mean. The adrenaline rush felt by not just the players, but the fans as well was a sight to behold for an observant eye! Railways-A managed to take home the title, or did they? They say things are simple but never easy. Read our illustrated report and find out what happened in the ninth and the final round!

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. We have a bunch of Final reports coming
your way from the tournaments in Delhi, Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar and more. Stay tuned!

Zurich 2016: Déjà vu!
In 2015 Anand came to Zurich after a lackluster performance at the Grenke Classic. He played a superb tournament but could only go back with the second place after Nakamura beat him in the Armageddon game towards the end of the event. In 2016, something similar happened. Just that Grenke was replaced by Gibraltar and Armageddon by Sonnerborn Berger tiebreak system. Report.

Anand missed out on the first place as Nakamura was adjudged the champion. Nevertheless,
it was a good event for Anand who summed it up by saying, "Nice to know I play good moves!"

Soumya shines in Moscow
Soumya Swaminathan was the tenth seed at the Women's Cup in Moscow. She was the lone Indian in the fray. Fighting the cold as well as some really tough opponents, she played an excellent tournament gaining 35 Elo points and finishing second. In this article she shares her experience of playing in Russia and how she managed to keep her "cool" in the subzero temperature weather. Report.

The fight for India number one!
Ever since Anand's substandard performance at the Gibraltar Masters, analysts have been keeping a keen eye on the live rating list. Reason? There has been a sharp race between Harikrishna and Vishy on who would become India number one on the Elo rating charts. Hari came close on many occasions but was not able to overtake the five-time World Champion.

On 21st February 2016, the two met each other across a chess board in the ninth round of the German Bundesliga. Read the article to find out what happened in this thrilling game and who is the current numero Uno of Indian chess.

Anand and Hari chatting at the Gibraltar Masters 2016 [picture by Nisha Mohota]

Cappelle: Anurag shines for India
Anurag Mhamal of Goa was the best performer among the Indians at the Cappelle la Grande Open 2016 held in France. Twelve Indians were participating in the strong French Open that was held from 13-21 February and collectively, we had a reasonable showing. 11-year-old Nihal Sarin scored the first IM-norm of his career. An illustrated report.

General articles

Master Class by Vishy Anand

On 29th of January Vishy Anand gave a Master Class, which lasted one hour and twenty-five minutes. This was filled with high quality analysis and some brilliant ideas shared by the five-time World Champion. And this video is now available to you. IM Nisha Mohota, who attended this Master Class, gives us her first-hand experience of what it felt like learning from the Indian legend.

Beautiful Puzzles - Ebook by Rucha Pujari
When a top grandmaster was asked why he didn't write a book on chess, he replied, "it's a lot of hard work!" Surely writing a chess book takes a lot of time, efforts and research. But quality work helps many people become better at the game. WFM Rucha Pujari spent months going over thousands of games and combinations and has finally come out with an ebook – "Beautiful Puzzles". In this article she describes the process of writing the book and also what you can expect to find in it.

A chess game with Aamir Khan!
Aamir Khan is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. A chance of just meeting him is a dream for just about every chess player. The reason? Aamir loves the game of chess and doesn't pass an opportunity to match his wits against a strong opponent. Sahil Batra, a 21-year-old, 1732 rated player from Ludhiana got a chance to play a game against Aamir. Sahil has not only sent us the game, but also an exciting recount of how things panned out on the day he got to play against Mr. Perfectionist of Indian cinema.

A rare encounter: Sahil Batra playing Bollywood star Aamir Khan

Shardul Gagare!
Shardul Gagare became India's 42nd grandmaster as he managed to win his third round game at the IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Tournament being conducted at the Mount Litera School International at Bandra in Mumbai. ChessBase India brings you a pictorial story that captures his moment of glory along with the game, video analysis, and some heart-warming pictures. In-depth interview to follow in the coming days.

Shardul's father Dr. Annasaheb Gagare's demeanour at his son's moment of glory

The founders of ChessBase Indiaare IM Sagar Shah and his better half, WIM-elect Amruta Mokal. Sagar has written over 200 articles for the international ChessBase newspage, and Amruta Mokal has been the official ChessBase photographer at many high level events.

There are a lot of kids in India that show promise at an early age but later are unable to make it big. ChessBase India will make sure that these talents get the right technological backing at right time and at affordable prices in order to reach the ultimate goal of creating another World Champion from the country.

Priyadarshan Banjan is a 23-year-old club player from India. He works as an editor for ChessBase News and ChessBase India. He is a chess fanatic and an avid fan of Vishy Anand. He also maintains a blog on a variety of topics.


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