New G-Star RAW campaign has chess theme

by Albert Silver
2/17/2014 – It is no news that G-Star RAW had renewed their collaboration with Magnus Carlsen for their 2014 clothes line, a decision cemented before he had even become world champion, but what was surprising was the campaign itself. Starring alongside him is model Lily Cole, in a chess match, both over the board, and in a highly stylized representation with great production values. Well worth watching.

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As had already been announced, G-Star RAW had renewed their collaboration with Magnus Carlsen for 2014, a decision made before he wrested the world title from Vishy Anand. The first videos of the campaign, starring Magnus Carlsen and Lily Cole, the famous 26-year-old British model and actress, have come out and there is an important and significant difference this time round.

The website now shows new pictures displaying Magnus in the 2014 line of clothes

Rather than displaying a classic clothes campaign in which a chess player happens to be a star protagonist, the campaign itself is now themed around chess, showing more clearly the weight Carlsen’s prestige is perceived to bring.

The very opening scene says it all

The video brings spectacular production values with stylized shots

Lily Cole's stark red hair and blue eyes provide a great contrast

An army of Magnus Carlsens...

...headed by the one and only face....

an army of Lily Coles.

Flying bodies, racing horses, punched clocks: it is all there

The commercial can be viewed in full HD

Behind the scenes

There is even a Behind the Scenes video, lasting a little under two minutes, showing the work behind the filming, shots, and clothes. It is short but entertaining.

The spacious locale shows the backdrop behind Magnus in the high chair is not
a graphics montage

In case there were any doubts

Footage is taken of both models racing at full speed

The video of the Behind the Scenes and other G-Star videos can be seen at their YouTube channel

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