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7/31/2019 – Now available in the ChessBase Magazine Extra #190 bonus content: Every opening turns into a dangerous weapon in the hands of Magnus Carlsen. But what will happen if the World Champion tries the “Kalashnikov Variation”? Peter Heine Nielsen gives you an idea: “Carlsen’s Kalashnikov”! In addition to that there are five videos with more than two hours runtime that deal with a variety of topics: from Yannick Pelletier’s teaser for his “Anti London” DVD to a video analysis by Nihal Sarin to a lesson by Robert Ris about the isolated queen’s pawn!

ChessBase Magazine Extra 190 ChessBase Magazine Extra 190

New: A rich "lucky bag", filled among other things with "Carlsen's Kalashnikov", opening videos by Yannick Pelletier (English) and Jonas Lampert (German). Plus about 40.000 games for your database.


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Yannick Pelletier and Jonas Lampert introduce the new ChessBase Magazine Extra with analyses and updates about their recently released Fritz Trainer DVDs. Pelletier shows the game Kharlov-Sadler (Bern 1996) to demonstrate how you can quickly get a comfortable position against the London System if the opponent fails to find or know the most precise move-order. In this video which the Swiss GM recorded as an addition to his recently released DVD " Anti-London System" the line 1.d4 d5 2.f4 f6 3.e3 c5 4.f3 c6 5.c3 b6 6.b3 c4 7.c2 f5 8.c1 is discussed. 


The video by Jonas Lampert is only available in German. The last two months saw two important developments in the Queen’s Gambit Exchange Variation which Jonas Lampert shows you as an update to his DVD. Lampert concludes: if White plays precisely he can counter the proposed improvements for Black. Thus, White can claim a small but lasting advantage!

The motto of the “Lucky bag” in the CBM Extra #190 is “The more colourful, the better!” Apart from a collection of 28 annotated master games a novelty awaits you: for the first time the lucky bag also includes three videos with a variety of themes:

Robert Ris won in the English League a model game with an “Isolated Queen’s Pawn”. It is well known that a kingside attack is a good option for the side with the isolated pawn but you will be amazed how many tactical ideas can come up in such a game! Robert Ris shows and explains his win against GM Steven Gordon.

In a dialogue with his coach, GM Srinath Narayanan, Nihal Sarin tries to find an answer to the question of what went wrong in a game he played against his countryman Harikrishna at the Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmö. What advice does Srinath Narayanan give his young student to play best in critical moments?

35 years lie between the two games by Alexander Beliavsky which Adrian Mikhalchishin presents. In both games the former world-class player managed to seize the initiative with a pawn sacrifice in a classical opening and went on to outplay his opponent.
The 28 traditionally annotated games include analyses by Peter Heine Nielsen, Alireza Firouzja, Romain Edouard, and others. Two highlights:

Peter Heine Nielsen begins his analysis of Nepomniachtchi-Carlsen with the words: "After using the Sveshnikov Variation in the WCh match and frequently in tournaments, afterwards Magnus now switched to the "Kalashnikov", curiously named after the Russian machine gun. This game explains why!"

Alireza Firouzja just turned 16. But with a current Elo-rating of 2682 he is already the number one player in Iran. In the CBM Extra #190 he explains how he outwitted GM Lupulescu in the Steinitz Variation of the French Defence and how he outplayed GM Ni Hua in a match Iran vs. China.

“The Brilliancy Game” of this extra is really brilliant: Georgios Souleidis presents “The Best Game of the German Bundesliga, Season 2017/2018”, featuring David Navara and Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

Last but not least: with about 40,000 new games the Update Service gives your database a powerful update. The of the best players reads almost as the world’s top ranking list: Carlsen, Caruana, Ding Liren, Vachier-Lagrave, Grischuk, Nepomniachtchi, Mamedyarov, Anand, Artemiev, Dominguez Perez, Radjabov, So, Kramnik, Aronian, Karjakin, Wei Yi, and many more.

ChessBase Magazine Extra 190

New: A rich "lucky bag", filled among other things with "Carlsen's Kalashnikov", opening videos by Yannick Pelletier (English) and Jonas Lampert (German). Plus about 40.000 games for your database.

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