The Bluebaum Variation

by ChessBase
7/7/2024 – The new ChessBase Magazine #220 again provides plenty of ideas for your repertoire with ten opening articles, from the Reti Opening to the Jobava London System and the King's Indian! In his search for a weapon against the Semi-Slav (1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.Nf3 Nf6 4.Nc3 e6), our author Yago Santiago came across the move 5.Qc2!? with which Matthias Bluebaum, among others, has achieved impressive results! The article in CBM #220 consists of an introductory text and nine extensively annotated games (with an outright 9:0 in favour of White!), including no less than five games by the German grandmaster. This week we invite you to take a look at the article with all our author's analyses as a free reading sample - directly via your web browser in ChessBase Books format.

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"The Bluebaum Variation" – free sample from ChessBase Magazine #220

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Yago Santiago: "The Bluebaum Variation has everything we look for in an opening idea: a breath of fresh air and enormous practical power – White’s results with the variation speak for themselves, my game selection features a crushing 9-0! I really believe that with careful study of the article, your results against the Semi-Slav will improve a lot. Good luck in your games!

After 5.Qc2 our author analyses the lines A) 5...dxc4. B) 5...Nbd7 and C) 5…Be7

You can go through all analyses from Santiago's article in the ChessBase Replayer. 

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