Mystery news item to appear soon

5/16/2014 – We are in the process of preparing a very special article for publication. It involves two correspondence chess games being played on our Playchess server, under unusual circumstances – to say the least. We want you to guess what is coming – the solution will be up as a featured article in a few days. No inkling, not a clue? Well, here are some more or less helpful hints.

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The mystery games

Our report will appear in a few days on this page, which will be promoted to a "featured article" with a larger thumbnail on the front page. Until then you will have to speculate what is so special about two correspondence games on Playchess.

Here are some hints:

  • The player depicted above is not in Tromsø or in Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • There is nothing sinister about the attire – no crimes or terror to be reported...
  • ... although the games do involve a correctional facility.
  • The reason the picture is fuzzy is not a bad camera or focus – it was a light problem.
  • It was not unusually cold when the picture was taken – in fact it was positivly balmy.
  • If you can guess where the picture was taken you will know why it is so special.
  • If you do guess right you will be able to give a very precise location.

Okay, one more hint: this is what it looks like outside the playing venue

So that's enough of teasing. We will be switching off the comments at the bottom of the page – at least until the full report is posted. Otherwise it will take some dedicated reader a few minutes to spoil the fun for everyone else. But, psst: if you can't bear the suspense you will have to consult our Facebook page...

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