Mitropa Cup: Double gold for France

by Klaus Besenthal
5/9/2022 – The Mitropa Cup for teams ended on Sunday with a victory for the French team in both the open and the women’s events (photo: the French open team). In the open, Slovakia and Hungary finished second and third respectively, much like among the women. The tournament took place in the town of Corte on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica. | Photos: Official website

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Mitropa Cup 2022

Most of the teams in this traditional competition for national teams included several GMs and IMs in their rosters. The German Chess Federation, on the other hand, presented a lineup of mostly young players who did not have an easy time against such competition. In the open, however, the results were not bad at all in view of these conditions.

Topping the standings in both competitions were the French squads. In the open they eon all their matches, except for one, as they lost to Slovakia. In the women’s event, they finished undefeated but drew no fewer than five matches.

Slovakia and Hungary got second and third places respectively, in both competitions.

The Corsican hosts entered their own team in the open

Final standings - Open

Due to the odd number of teams, each team had a free round. In return, two additional team points were awarded.

Rg. Team  Wtg1 
1 France 16
2 Slovakia 14
3 Hungary 13
4 Italy 11
5 Switzerland 10
6 Czech Republic 9
7 Germany 8
8 Austria 7
9 Corsica 2

All games - Open


Final standings - Women

Rg. Team  Wtg1 
1 France 13
2 Slovenia 12
3 Hungary 11
4 Italy 11
5 Slovakia 11
6 Switzerland 8
7 Austria 7
8 Croatia 7
9 Czech Republic 6
10 Germany 4

All games - Women



Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.