Mircea Parligras and Alessia Ciolacu are the new Romanian Champions

by Lucian-Costin Miron
3/23/2022 – This year the Romanian Championships took place from 21 to 27 February at Eforie Nord. In Spring and Summer, Eforie Nord is full of tourists but in the off-season it was quiet, and the tranquility of the place made Eforie the perfect location to play chess. Mircea-Emilian Parligras (pictured) won the Open Championship with 7.0/9, Alessia Ciolacu won the Women's Championship with 7.5/9. | Photos: Florin Ardelean / We Love Sport

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In 2009 I played the National Championships in Eforie, also in the winter season. Compared to that time things have improved a lot. The tournament was held at the ‘Complex Steaua de Mare’, a four-star hotel with a gym, spa and many other facilities. The organization of the tournament was very good.

The beach at Eforie Nord

The record prize fund of a bit over 20.000 EURO attracted a record number of more than 220 players, who started in three tournaments: the Open Championship, the Women's Championship and the Amateur Championship. 14 GM/WGM, 11 IM/WIM and 17 FM/WFM took part.

The coveted medals for the winners

Since only players with rating of less than 2200 were allowed to play in the Amateur Section, the Open was pretty strong. Most of the confident and ambitious youngsters played in the open section.

Just as in the Team Championships last year, there was live commentary. The commentators were WGM Sabina Francesca Foisor and IM Mihnea Costachi, who from time to time summoned the heroes of the day for an interview. For the daily reviews you can check the link:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5vcvZRuQ-79zxEnIhd2THsR_PGLHyy--.

The commentators WGM Sabina Francesca Foisor and IM Mihnea Costachi

Covid stopped a number of strong players – e.g. Bogdan-Daniel Deac (2679) and Vlad-Cristian Jianu (2527), who play for the national team – from taking part in the Championship.

GM Nanu Ciprian (4.0/4) and Mircea-Emilian Parligras (3.5/4) had the best start. But in round five Parligras won against Ciprian and took the sole lead which he stubbornly defended until the end of the tournament.

Parligras won the tournament with 7.0/9, half a point ahead of Constantin Lupulescu, Tiberiu-Marian Georgescu, David Gavrilescu, Anton Teodor who shared places 2 to 5 with 6.5/9 each.

The winners (from left to right): Tiberiu-Marian Georgescu, Constantin Lupulescu and the Romanian Champion 2022, Mircea-Emilian Parligras

Final Standings

Rank   Name Rtg. Club/Oras Pts.  TB1   TB2 
1 GM Parligras Mircea-Emilian 2575 CSU ASE Bucuresti 7,0 0,0 47,5
2 GM Lupulescu Constantin 2620 CSU ASE Bucuresti 6,5 0,0 47,0
3 GM Georgescu Tiberiu-Marian 2467 CSU ASE Bucuresti 6,5 0,0 45,0
4 IM Gavrilescu David 2512 CSU ASE Bucuresti 6,5 0,0 41,0
5 IM Anton Teodor 2457 Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa 6,5 0,0 38,5
6 GM Nanu Costica-Ciprian 2513 Cs Dinamo Bucuresti 6,0 0,0 46,5
7 GM Nevednichy Vladislav 2498 Cs Politehnica Iasi 6,0 0,0 44,5
8 FM Ghimpu Samuel-Timotei 2420 Vados Arad 6,0 0,0 44,5
9 GM Manolache Marius 2485 Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa 6,0 0,0 43,5
10 GM Miron Lucian-Costin 2511 Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi 6,0 0,0 41,5
11 GM Szabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula 2524 Cs Politehnica Iasi 6,0 0,0 40,0
12 FM Stoleriu George 2419 Cs Politehnica Iasi+CSM Iasi 2020 6,0 0,0 39,0
13 GM Istratescu Andrei 2470 Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa 6,0 0,0 37,5
14 NM Toma Radu-Cristian 2388 CSU ASE Bucuresti 5,5 0,0 47,0
15 IM Cosma Ioan 2396 Cs Victoria Techirghiol 5,5 0,0 44,5
16 FM Secheres Adrian-Simion 2363 Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi 5,5 0,0 42,5
17 NM Bonte Andrei-Mihai 2349 Acs Smart Galati 5,5 0,0 39,5
18 FM Nastore Pavel-Alexandru 2306 Csu Universitatea De Vest Tim. 5,5 0,0 39,5
19 IM Manea Alexandru 2355 Clubul De Sah Al Municipiului 5,0 0,0 45,5

But as the saying goes, you need a little bit of luck to win. In round 4 Parligras was playing with Black against one of the most promising juniors from Romania, Samuel-Timotei Ghimpu. Black won after 39 moves in a very unclear position. When I saw this result online I thought that transmission was wrong but something else had happened. Apparently, the players pressed the clock twice at one turn and after 39 moves the clock automatically 15 minutes extra time. You can imagine, what happened next…

But despite this mishap, the youngster managed to maintain a cool head and made an IM norm. Radu Cristian Toma also made an IM norm - his third and the one he required for the title.

Samuel-Timotei Ghimpu

Radu Cristian Toma

Times are changing

In the women’s section it was the year of the girls. Last year Alessia Ciolacu had shocked us by finishing first in the National championship (at the age of 17), and this year she dominated the field from the very start. In round five she took the sole lead and did not let it go until the very end. She deservedly won the championship again and also made a WIM norm. The 18-year old Miruna Lehaci finished sole second after winning crucial games against Corina Peptan and Elena-Luminita Cosma.

The winners of the Women's Championship (from left to right): Mihaela Sandu, Miruna-Daria Lehaci and the Romanian Women Champion 2022 Alessia-Mihaela Ciolacu

Final standings

Loc   Name Rtg. Club/Oras Pts.  TB1   TB2 
1 WFM Ciolacu Alessia-Mihaela 2239 CSU ASE Bucuresti 7,5 0,0 46,0
2 WIM Lehaci Miruna-Daria 2125 Csm Iasi 2020 7,0 0,0 44,0
3 WGM Sandu Mihaela 2269 Cs Studentesc Medicina Timisoa 6,5 0,0 45,5
4 IM Bulmaga Irina 2390 CSU ASE Bucuresti 6,0 0,0 47,5
5 IM Peptan Corina-Isabela 2384 Csm Bucuresti 6,0 0,0 44,5
6 WCM Panainte Andreea-Bianca 1865 Csm Bucuresti 6,0 0,0 42,0
7 WGM Cosma Elena-Luminita 2281 CSU ASE Bucuresti 5,5 0,0 44,0
8 WGM Ionescu Irina 2131 Csm Bucuresti 5,5 0,0 40,0
9 WFM Cosman Andreea-Marioara 2127 Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi 5,5 0,0 38,0
10 I Hoanca Alexia-Ioana 1710 Cs Universitar De Sah Bucuresti 5,0 0,0 45,0

Amateur section

In the amateurs section the final results were: 1-2. Stefan-Romulus Cristian, Mihai Veneteanu 7.5p; 3-5. Iulian Mihailov, Stefan Telea, Janos Helmer 7p.

Final standings

Rank   Name Type ELO Club/Oras Pts.  TB1   TB2 
1 CM Stefan Romulus-Cristian   2088 Cso Cugir 7,5 0,5 50,5
2 I Veneteanu Mihai U20 1976 Acs Viitorul Urziceni 7,5 0,5 50,0
3 CM Mihailov Iulian   2029 Acs Fianchetto Constanta 7,0 0,0 50,5
4 CM Telea Stefan S50 1941 Acs Fianchetto Constanta 7,0 0,0 48,0
5 NM Helmer Janos S65 2018 Csm Cluj Napoca 7,0 0,0 41,5
6 FM Baciu Stefan S50 2177 Acs M.M. Mihail Marin Bucurest 6,5 0,0 47,0
7 I Corbu George-Alexandru U14 1798 Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi 6,5 0,0 46,0
8 I Prisacaru Stefan-Emilian U18 1991 Cs Sergentul Vaslui 6,5 0,0 44,5
9 I Radulescu Andrei   1876 Ac De Sah Alfil Pitesti 6,5 0,0 43,0
10 II Cruceru-Uceanu Tudor-Mihai U12 1536 Cs Otopeni 6,5 0,0 40,0
11 I Panainte Daniel-Iulian   1845 Acs Juniorul Constanta 6,5 0,0 34,0
12 I Tablan Andrei-Damian U16 1795 Csm Bucuresti 6,0 0,0 49,0

The winners of the Amateur section

Now, I invite you, dear reader, to go through an interesting game that was played in the second round of the Open Championship.


And here's a selection of tactical tasks that allows you to check and improve your tactical skills with some ideas that appeared (or could have appeared) during the championships. Good luck!


All in all, it was a well organized tournament, with good prizes and a strong field. Hopefully, the Romanian Chess Federation will keep up the good work they are doing.


Romanian Chess Federation

Lucian-Costin Miron is a Romanian Grandmaster and the Romanian Champion of 2019. Since 2016 he has been working as a coach and trainer.


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