Merry Christmas!

by ChessBase
12/24/2023 – ChessBase wishes all chess friends a Merry Christmas and peaceful and happy holidays! Stay healthy. For the holidays we have also prepared a small tutorial on the intricacies of password management. | Photo: Pixabay.

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The annoying problem of passwords - who doesn't know it?

Passwords should be neither too easy (1234) nor too difficult (vsdh"♕©►fk♞f=$v%6mdj*ß3g).

If you can't remember your password, write it down somewhere. If you can't remember where you put the piece of paper with the password, try sticking it to your computer next time. Or use a password manager.

We must also warn you not to be careless with passwords. Never give your passwords or other sensitive information to anyone else. The following scene provides a powerful illustration of possible negative consequences.

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