Madrid Chess Festival: Streamers and rising stars meet in Spain’s capital

by Carlos Alberto Colodro
6/11/2024 – A 6-day festival featuring two round-robins and an open tournament is taking place in Madrid. Famous chess personalities, such as Levy Rozman, Eric Rosen and Anna Cramling, are participating. Among the raising stars invited to play, 10-year-old Faustino Oro stands out, as he attempts to become the youngest International Master of all time.

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Oro closes in on another record

After obtaining his second IM norm at the Americas’ Continental, Faustino Oro has a real chance of becoming the youngest IM of all time. In order to break Abhimanyu Mishra’s record (10 years, 9 months and 20 days), the Argentinian prodigy needs to score at least 5½ points at the Closed B Tournament taking place in Madrid.

The Madrid Chess Festival started on Monday and will run until Saturday. The festival features two 10-player closed tournaments and a 9-round Swiss open with 48 participants. Every game will be played with a time control of 90 minutes for the whole encounter with 30-second increments per move.

The organizers invited a number of famed chess personalities, including Pepe Cuenca, Levy Rozman (Closed A), Eric Rosen (Closed B) and Anna Cramling (Open).


Round Day Time
Presentation of players Monday, 10 June 2024 16:30
Round 1 Monday, 10 June 2024 17:00
Round 2 Tuesday, 11 June 2024 10:00
Round 3 Tuesday, 11 June 2024 17:00
Round 4 Wednesday, 12 June 2024 10:00
Round 5 Wednesday, 12 June 2024 17:00
Round 6 Thrusday, 13 June 2024 17:00
Round 7 Friday, 14 June 2024 10:00
Round 8 Friday, 14 June 2024 17:00
Round 9 Saturday, 15 June 2024 10:00

The festival also includes activities for chess enthusiasts of all ages, organized at the Madrilenian club ‘Ajedrez con Cabeza’.

‘Gotham Chess’ among early co-leaders

The Closed A tournament counts with 1 player rated above 2500, 7 players in the 2400-2500 rating band and 2 players rated below 2400. In the first round, the lowest-rated participant, Levy Rozman (a.k.a. Gotham Chess) from the United States got the better of top seed Tomás Sosa from Argentina.

Rozman found a nice move to simplify into a superior queenless position on move 22.

22...Qh4, making use of the ...Nxf3+ threat (with the g2-pawn pinned along the file), forced White to go for 23.Kh2 Nxf3+ 24.gxf3 Qxh3 25.Kxh3

Black is a pawn up and can potentially round up his opponent’s weak pawn on the d-file.

The conversion was not easy at all and featured mistakes by both players, but in the end Rozman managed to upset Sosa and become one of three players sharing first place after winning their opening games in Madrid — José ‘Pepe’ Cuenca from Spain and Akira Nakada from the United States also scored victories on Monday.

All games - Closed A

All games - Closed B


Carlos Colodro is a Hispanic Philologist from Bolivia. He works as a freelance translator and writer since 2012. A lot of his work is done in chess-related texts, as the game is one of his biggest interests, along with literature and music.
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