Keyboard shortcuts for ChessBase and Fritz

by Nadja Wittmann
4/27/2018 – When working at a computer some people prefer to use the mouse while others like to keep their fingers on the keyboard. They steer the computer with keyboard shortcuts. ChessBase and Fritz have default shortcuts but you can also define shortcuts of your own. Here are a few hints! | Drawing: ChessBase

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Smooth workflow

These are the five favourite hotkeys of Grandmaster Rainer Knaak, Editor-in-Chief of the ChessBase Magazine:

  • F11 — load next game — one of the oldest ChessBase prompts (previously used with F6)
  • F2 — Rename database
  • Alt-Q — Change sorting of game lists from names (player, tournament) to moves, or mixed forms
  • Tab —  jump from one tab to the next
  • Ctrl-W — go into writing mode in database texts
  • Ctrl-Shift-D — create diagram of the loaded game position in database texts

Other useful shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+F2 — search player
  • Ctrl-N — open new board window
  • Ctrl-F — open game filter, and, of course
  • F1 — help

Customize shortcuts

Some functions of the program do not (yet) have shortcuts. But you can create them individually.

Customize keyboard shortcuts

Customize keyboard shortcuts

The following screenshot shows part of the list of shortcuts:

Database - Open game database

"Database - Open game database" has the default shortcut "F12"

However, you can change the default shortcuts and replace them with shortcuts of your own. To take the example above, if you prefer to have an "H" instead of "F12" as a shortcut for opening the database explorer you just write "H" into the "Input new shortcut" field. Then go to "Assign" and after that to "OK". From now on you can open the database explorer by pressing "H":

Input new shortcut

Input new shortcut

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Print out a list of all keyboard shortcuts

With a little trick, you can save and/or print a list of all shortcuts.

This also done via "Customize". In the list of shortcuts scroll down to "Shortcuts — Show a list of all shortcuts". Now assign a shortcut to this function which does not have a default shortcut.

Let's take the letter "o" as a shortcut. Type "o" into the field "Input new shortcut:", then click on "Assign" and "OK".

Create a shortcut yourself

Create a shortcut yourself

If you now type an "o" in Fritz (= the page you will be on after clicking "OK") the window with an overview of all shortcuts opens.

Copy shortcut list

Copy a list of all shortcuts (Click or tap to expand image)

Now click "Copy" (or "Ctrl+c) and go to a program that allows you to read and print text - e.g. Word or Open Office, an email program, or an editor, etc. Now press "Ctrl+v" to copy the shortcut list into your text program where you can print or edit the list.


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