Aldiyar Ansat, aged 15, wins Kazakhstani Chess Championship

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12/26/2023 – From December 13 to 23, the Kazakhstan Chess Championship took place in Astana. After 13 rounds of play in the open, five players were tied for first place. Following a rapid tiebreak, 15-year-old Aldiyar Ansat emerged victorious. Menawhile, Ksenia Balabaeva obtained outright victory in the 10-player single round-robin. Balabaeva obtained a remarkable 7½/9 score. | Photos: Kazakhstan Chess Federation

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Ansat and Balabayeva win maiden titles

Press release by Daria Barkova

From December 13 to 23, the Kazakhstan Chess Championship took place in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The participants needed 13 rounds to determine the winner, and for the first time in the history of the championship, five chess players had the same number of points in the final standings.

According to the Regulations of the Championship, Aldiyar Ansat, Arystanbek Urazaev, Denis Makhnev, Alisher Suleimenov, and Abilmansur Abdilkhair had to play a tiebreak in rapid chess to determine the final ranking.

After winning the first two games, Aldiyar Ansat confidently maintained his lead and became the champion of Kazakhstan. It’s important to note that the chess player broke an 85-year-old record, which had been held since 1938 when Shamsidin Murzagaliyev became the champion of Kazakhstan at the age of 16, while the new champion is only 15 years old.

Arystanbek Urazaev and Denis Makhnev shared the second and third places.

Kazakhstan Chess Championship 2023

Aldiyar Ansat

Among the women, the winner was determined long before the final round. Ksenia Balabaeva demonstrated very confident play throughout the tournament, and in the last round, she only needed to draw her game to win the gold medal. The player from Almaty held the draw and became the national champion for the first time in her career.

The second place also went to an Almaty master: Alua Nurmanova. Third place was shared by three participants: Madina Davletbayeva, Liya Kurmangaliyeva, and Zeynep Sultanbek. According to the tiebreak criteria, the bronze medal went to the experienced Madina Davletbayeva (Taraz).

Kazakhstan Chess Championship 2023

Ksenia Balabaeva

Timur Turlov, President of the Kazakhstan Chess Federation, asserted:

I sincerely congratulate the winners and prize-winners. The championship showed the strength of the Kazakhstani youth and its excellent prospects. This is the result of the great work done by the players themselves and their coaches.

An important role was played by the experience gained in participating in major international championships, as well as training camps with the involvement of leading specialists. I am confident that tomorrow the new champions will represent our country with dignity at the world championships.

Final standings - Open

After 13 rounds

1 GM Makhnev, Denis 2486 8
2 GM Suleymenov, Alisher 2513 8
3 IM Urazayev, Arystanbek 2472 8
4 IM Ansat, Aldiyar 2434 8
5 FM Abdilkhair, Abilmansur 2255 8
6 FM Sapenov, Daniyal 2350
7 IM Nogerbek, Kazybek 2483
8 IM Zhalmakhanov, Ramazan 2493 7
9 IM Isanzhulov, Arystan 2407 7
10 Utegaliyev, Azamat 2416
11 IM Agmanov, Zhandos 2460
12 GM Kazhgaleyev, Murtas 2490 5
13 Amirali, Abzal 2136
14 Tkachyov, Adil 2078

All games - Open

Final standings - Women’s

After 9 rounds

1 WIM Balabayeva, Xeniya 2244
2 WIM Nurmanova, Alua 2326
3 WGM Davletbayeva, Madina 2216 5
4 FM Kurmangaliyeva, Liya 2261 5
5 WIM Sultanbek, Zeinep 2008 5
6 Kaldarova, Ayaulym 2015
7 WIM Serikbay, Assel 2186 4
8 WIM Kairbekova, Amina 2235 4
9 Popandopulo, Kristina 1865
10 WCM Kim, Kristina 1933 1

All games - Women’s


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