Kamsky wins Cappelle la Grande Open

by Johannes Fischer
2/28/2016 – The open tournament in Cappelle la Grande in France has a long and vibrant tradition. Its 32nd edition attracted 538 players, among them strong grandmasters such as Kevin Spraggett or Artur Jussupow. With a rating of 2667 US-Grandmaster Gata Kamsky was top seed and did not disappoint: With 7.5/9 he became sole and convincing tournament winner.

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Gata Kamsky (Photo: Alexandre Feyrin, tournament page)

With six wins and three draws Kamsky did not lose a single game. He convinced with a fine mix of patient positional play and a keen tactical eye.


The three winners: Christian Bauer, Eduardo Iturrizaga, and Gata Kamsky
Photo: Alexandre Feyrin (Tournament page)

2014 World Champion U10: The 11-year old Sarin Nihal from India
attracted a lot of attention. He played a strong tournament
and finished with 5.0/9.


Final standings

Pl   Nom Elo Cat. Fede Pts Tr. Perf Bu.
1 g KAMSKY Gata 2667 F SenM USA 44½ 2806 56
2 g ITURRIZAGA BONELLI Eduardo 2624 F SenM VEN 7 45½ 2717 54½
3 g BAUER Christian 2631 F SenM FRA 7 44½ 2747 55
4 m ANURAG Mhamal 2383 F SenM IND 7 43½ 2648 53
5 g VOVK Andrey 2632 F SenM UKR 7 43 2656 53½
6 g JUSSUPOW Artur 2578 F SenM GER 7 43 2639 53½
7 g SASIKIRAN Krishnan 2632 F SenM IND 7 42 2688 51
8 g KULAOTS Kaido 2575 F SenM EST 7 41½ 2618 52½
9 g GOPAL G.n. 2525 F SenM IND 45 2630 55½
10 g MIEZIS Normunds 2486 F SenM LAT 44½ 2655 55½
11 g PEREZ PONSA Federico 2586 F SenM ARG 43½ 2669 54½
12 g VOROBIOV Evgeny E. 2571 F SenM RUS 43½ 2569 53½
13 g TROFF Kayden W 2511 F CadM USA 43 2635 53
14 g DJUKIC Nikola 2565 F SenM MNE 43 2565 53½
15 g KHARITONOV Alexandr 2569 F SenM RUS 43 2560 52½
16 g GUPTA Abhijeet 2613 F SenM IND 42½ 2635 53½
17 g ZUBOV Alexander 2603 F SenM UKR 42½ 2629 53
18 g BURMAKIN Vladimir 2556 F SenM RUS 42½ 2593 52½
19 g LALITH BABU M R 2554 F SenM IND 42 2591 52½
20 m ESSERMAN Marc 2410 F SenM USA 42 2587 52
21 g KAZHGALEYEV Murtas 2580 F SenM KAZ 41½ 2608 52
22 g KVEINYS Aloyzas 2524 F SenM LTU 41 2584 50½
23 g RIFF Jean-Noel 2505 F SenM FRA 41 2541 49½
24 g LU Shanglei 2617 F SenM CHN 40½ 2637 51
25 m KANAREK Marcel 2533 F SenM POL 40 2511 50
26 m DAULYTE Deimante 2391 F SenF LTU 39½ 2520 49
27 g DEMUTH Adrien 2544 F SenM FRA 39½ 2484 49½
28 g JIANU Vlad-Cristian 2570 F SenM ROU 38½ 2484 48
29 g NAUMKIN Igor 2413 F SenM RUS 38 2405 47

... 538 players


Former World Championship candidate Kevin Spraggett

Artur Jussupov, also a former World Championship candidate and a living chess legend.

Christian Bauer from France

Andrea-Christina Navrotescu

Deimante Daulyte

Dina Belenkaya

Olga Kalina

Nataliya Buksa

Vera Nebolsina

Bilel Bellahcene

Kamil Dragun

Eyal Grinberg

Jean-Luc Chabanon

Matthieu Cornette

Yuri Vovk

Vladimir Burmakin

Tigran Gharamian

Raluca Sgircea

Photos: Philippe Dornbusch

Philippe Dornbusch's Chess and Strategy...

Games (Selection)


Tournament page...

Johannes Fischer was born in 1963 in Hamburg and studied English and German literature in Frankfurt. He now lives as a writer and translator in Nürnberg. He is a FIDE-Master and regularly writes for KARL, a German chess magazine focusing on the links between culture and chess. On his own blog he regularly publishes notes on "Film, Literature and Chess".
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gossiplover gossiplover 3/24/2016 07:58
It is the second tournament Kamsky is with Nebolsina Vera. They were caught making out. Just saying.
It would be intresting if ChessBase digged deeper in chess players lives. Kind of interesting, isn't it?
tom_70 tom_70 2/29/2016 04:04
Why doesn't Kamsky still compete in the top flight tournaments where other former super gm's of his age compete? He's still younger than guys like Anand and Kramnik and he did compete for the world title against Karpov back in 94. Why is he playing in these obscure tournaments where nobody has heard of the players?? Kinda sad.
ulyssesganesh ulyssesganesh 2/28/2016 06:44
mylife...i don't agree with you. jusupov and spragget can beat still....any one on their day!
they are great masters capable of great performance
remember, korchnoi's win over caruana!
mylife4iron mylife4iron 2/28/2016 06:34
Just a stylistic comment, you're not fooling anyone by calling them "strong" grandmasters. Would you ever use this term with truly strong players like Carlsen, Anand, Aronian? Of course not, you would be laughed off the face of the earth. The fact that you have to use the euphemism implies that they are actually weak grandmasters. Not that you should use "weak" instead (there is such a thing as tact) but why do you need an adjective at all, if it is not actually an accurate description?
Offramp Offramp 2/28/2016 06:33
Wonderful pictures. Thank you very much! The women look great, as usual, but JUSSUPOW looks fantastic! As you say, he is a living legend, and looks like Fasolt from Das Rheingold. Does Kamsky really have long hair? In the 1990s he had very short hair.
MJFitch MJFitch 2/28/2016 06:27
Thanks Chessbase for always keeping chess lover's abreast of everything in the chess world!!!...Thanks Johannes Fischer for the nice article about the tournament!!!...Congrats to Gata Kamsky on his win!!!