Julius Baer Challenger Championship - All games

by ChessBase
12/13/2022 – The 2021 Challengers Chess Tour Champion, Praggnanandhaa R, took on the 2022 Champion, Pranav V, in a $10,000 match held in the Tel Aviv offices of Julius Baer on December 11-13. The match was split into 4 mini-matches, 2 in rapid chess and 2 in blitz.

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Pragg beats Pranav

The match is split into 4 mini-matches, 2 in rapid chess and 2 in blitz. The rapid time control is 10 minutes for all moves plus a 5-second increment from move 1, while it is 5+2 for blitz. If needed to separate the players, a 5 vs. 4 Armageddon game will be played.

The winner gets $6,000, the loser $4,000.


  • December 11 - Rapid match #1
  • December 12 - Rapid match #2
  • December 13 - Blitz match #1
  • December 14 - Blitz match #2

All games


Commentary by Sagar Shah

Commentary by Judit Polgar and Pepe Cuenca


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