Iturrizaga and Khademalsharieh win Spanish Championships

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10/23/2023 – The Spanish Championships were held in Marbella this year, a nine round Swiss, in which men and women played in the same tournament. In the end, Eduardo Iturrizaga and Sarasadat Khademalsharieh won the titles. With 7.0/9 Iturrizaga shared first with Alan Pichot and Maksim Chigaev, but won the tournament on tiebreak. Khademalsharieh finished with 6.0/9, but had a better tiebreak than her rival Marta Garcia Martin. | Photos: Patricia Claros Aguilar (FEDA)

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FIDE press release

Spanish Championship: Iturrizaga and Khademalsharieh  claim titles

GM Eduardo Iturrizaga and IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh emerged as the winners of the Spanish Championship 2023. A Caracas native, Iturrizaga claimed his third straight title while Khademalsharieh scored her first victory in the Spanish Women's Championship.

The competition, a 9-round Swiss tournament with classical time control, took place from October 12-21 in Marbella. Both men and women competed in one event but were ranked separately, with the highest-scoring female player claiming the Spanish Women's Champion title.

The tournament turned into a very close race, with several players tying for the top position most of the time. Eduardo Iturrizaga, Alan Pichot and Maksim Chigaev came to the final ninth round as join leaders, with Eduardo and Alan facing off against each other and Maxim playing with Daniil Yuffa trailing by a half-point.

All three games on the top boards were drawn, meaning the leaders finished on 7/9, but Eduardo Iturrizaga won the title thanks to a better Buchholz.

Sarasadat Khademalsharieh

The same criteria decided the fate of the women's crown as Sarasadat Khademsharieh and the defending champion Marta Garcia Martin both netted 6/9, with the former ending up one position higher in the final standings.

Final standings:

96 participants



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