Indjic v Keymer: Analysis by Zoran

by ChessBase
8/6/2022 – Germany beat Serbia in round 7 of the Chess Olympiad, but only after Vincent Keymer successfully defended an imbalanced position against Aleksandar Indjic. Keymer had a queen against Indjic’s bishop pair and two dangerous connected passers. Zoran Petronijevic sent us instructive annotations to an intriguing endgame battle! | Photo: Lennart Ootes

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An intriguing position

Zoran Petronijevic, born in 1962, is an International Master who did not learn chess until the age of 12, but rapidly scored a series of successes after that. He has won numerous tournaments and played in 28 leagues (mostly in the first division). Petronijevic works as a chess trainer and lives in Nis (Serbia). Today he wrote to us:

I am sure you have followed the last round games, and especially the match Serbia-Germany. The game Indjic-Keymer was interesting from start to end – but especially in the endgame part. I have analyzed it...

...and sent us the following very instructive comments:

As you know you can click on the moves or Zoran's analysis to get a replay board (which can be resized and moved). You can even start an engine (fan icon below the board) to answer residual questions you may have. Try the "threat" button (exclamation mark on the right) or the "visual evaluation" (fire button) which will help you understand the game. 


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