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2/7/2018 – Ever wonder how you save your Playchess games? The answer to this question might come as a surprise: you do not need to save them! Why? Because the games are saved automatically. Here's a quick explanation how this works and where you can see the games you have saved.

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Where can I find my Playchess games?

1) With Fritz 16 or ChessBase 14

If you play with Fritz or ChessBase or play for free on Playchess then your games are automatically saved in this folder:

C:/Users/[Windows account username]/Documents/ChessBase/MyInternetGames.cbh

Since this is a ChessBase database, you would need to be able to open it Fritz , ChessBase or the free ChessBase Reader. As it is a local database (saved locally on your computer) you do not need to be online to access this database but you can open it like any other file or database on your computer.

If you are connected to you can open the list with the played games. Under the tab "Account" select Played Games.

If you have various playchess accounts you will still find all your games in this file, no matter which account you used - if you played all the games from the same computer.

2) With the web app "MyGamesCloud"

When you connect to "MyGamesCloud with your account , you can access all the games you've played on from any computer, through Databases → Open Database.

Select Games.

And press OK

3) With ChessBase 14

You can also use ChessBase 14 to connect to the cloud database of your ChessBase or playchess account to copy games and save them locally on your computer. 

save via CB 14

Click or tap the image to expand

4) With the Playchess web app

After playing a game on, click on the button that saves the game in pgn-format on your computer (or another data storage device, e.g. a USB stick). Of course, the game is also automatically saved in the cloud database (as explained above).

Click or tap the image to expand

Many thanks to "El Capi" for giving us his account for the screenshots!

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