Historical riddle: M. Tal vs O. Panno

by Karsten Müller
5/12/2021 – Mihail Tal played many mind-boggling and beautiful games full of stunning tactics and surprising sacrifices. Modern engines may find out that Tal's sacrifices might not always have been correct but it is still fun to play through and analyse his games. Now, Karsten Müller invites the ChessBase readers to take a close look at one of Tal's classics.

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M. Tal vs O. Panno, Portoroz 1958

Tal's victory against Oscar Panno at the Interzonal in Portoroz 1958 is a famous classic and it  has been analysed countless times.

But Zoran Petronijevic has taken another look at the whole game and asks the readers to find the turning points of this intense struggle in which Tal not only shows his creativity but also demonstrates how strong a single queen can be.

In the game Tal gives all of his pieces to attack the enemy king with just his queen and a number of pawns – and he eventually succeeds. But Panno gets so many pieces in return that it is hard to believe that he did not have an adequate defense. The readers are invited to take a look at this fascinating encounter to search for the truth: when was Tal winning?


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Karsten Müller, born 1970, has a world-wide reputation as one of the greatest endgame experts. He has, together with Frank Lamprecht, written a book on the subject: “Fundamental Chess Endgames” in addition to other contributions such as his column on the website ChessCafe as well as in ChessBase Magazine. Müller's ChessBase-DVDs about endgames in Fritztrainer-Format are bestsellers. The PhD in mathematics lives in Hamburg, where he has also been hunting down points for the HSK in the Bundesliga for many years.


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