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by Nadja Wittmann
4/16/2018 – Most modern computer programs can be handled intuitively. You start the program and get up to speed quickly. But from time to time, everyone needs a little help to get the most out of your programs. ChessBase offers a variety of support options. Here's a primer for what to do when that someone is you! | Drawing: ChessBase

ChessBase 14 Mega package ChessBase 14 Mega package

Follow the World Champion and your chess friend next door. Start your success story with ChessBase 14 and enjoy your chess even more! In addition to the ChessBase 14 Program, the Mega Package contains:
• Access to the Live-Database (8 million games)*
• Mega Database 2017
• CBMagazine subscription for a full year (6 issues)
• Database-Update-Service through end of 2017
• Full year Premium membership for playchess and for the ChessBase Accounts


Help is on the way!

Whether you're new to chess or an experienced professional, all our programs offer comprehensive help. For instance, in Fritz 16, the Help menu tab is on the far right and gives you several options to find the answer you need. The numbers below indicate the sequence that it is probably best to follow.

1) Get the latest update

First, check whether your program is up-to-date. Click on "Update Program" and if necessary download the newest update.

2) Online help docs

Now let's have a look at the big "Help" button to access the online documentation.


You can also press the "F1" key (this works for all programs) to open the online-help directly. Or download the help (as a PDF file) — This 471-page document describes all functions in detail.

3) The ChessBase Wiki

On the News page click "Support""FAQS": This leads to the "ChessBase Wiki", which offers a wealth of tips and information about our programs and services. It also has the answers to the questions our customers ask most often, available in English and German.

The ChessBase Wiki is a huge database with information about the ChessBase programs

The size of the keywords indicates how comprehensively the topic has been treated in the wiki. The ChessBase Wiki is continuously updated and enlarged. A click on the topic of your choice leads to the related help articles. For example "Fritz 16":

You can sort the content of the ChessBase Wiki according to different criteria. Let's say you want to have a look at the most recent entries about a certain topic — click "created on" and the link to the most recent entry appears on top of the list.

ChessBase wiki

This, for example, is the article about "Fritz16 on Windows tablets"

4) Email to customer support

If you still do not know what to do, and if you do not find any help in the Wiki, contact us: from the News page, click "Support" in the menu bar at the top of the page, and select "Contact Us". A form opens that asks you to describe your problem. Fill it out and send — we will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact us

The support staff are helpful and friendly:

Steffen Giehring | Photo: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)

Steffen Giehring | Photo: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)

Arne Bracker | Photo: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)

Arne Bracker | Photo: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)

Bonus: Download material (handbooks etc.)

In the drop-down menu on the "support page" is a "download" option with interesting download links, e.g. a download of the ChessBase Reader 2017,  a download of the free ChessBase Client or manuals for ChessBase 14, Fritz, and the ChessBase account.


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