Finding harmony in the endgame

by Karsten Müller
10/11/2020 – Endgame expert Karsten Müller keeps finding interesting endgames at the Altibox Norway Chess Tournament. This time around, he looks at the rook and knight versus bishop and knight ending from the Levon Aronian v Fabiano Caruana game from round 5. Hidden tricks abound in these unbalanced positions! | Photo: Lennart Ootes

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Rook and knight v bishop and knight

Round 5 of the Norway Chess tournament saw tail-ender Jan-Krzysztof Duda defeating former sole leader Magnus Carlsen, thus ending a 125-game undefeated streak in classical chess that lasted over two years. In the meantime, Levon Aronian and Alireza Firouzja also collected 3 points each by winning their classical games — Aronian inflicted Caruana’s second straight loss while Firouzja defeated Tari with the white pieces. [Read the full Round 5 report.]


Chess Endgames 9 - Rook and Minor Piece

Endings with rook and minor piece against rook and minor piece occur very frequently, even more often than rook endings, yet there's not much literature on them. This endgame DVD fills this gap. The four different material constellations rook and knight vs rook and knight, rooks and opposite coloured (and same coloured ) bishops and rook and bishop vs rook and knight are dealt with. In view of the different material constellations Karsten Mueller explains many guidelines like e.g. "With knights even a small initiative weighs heavily".

Né en 1970, Karsten Müller est réputé être l'un des plus grands spécialistes des fins de partie. N'a-t-il en effet pas écrit, avec Frank Lamprecht, un ouvrage essentiel sur le sujet: "Fundamental Chess Endgames" en plus d'autres contributions telles que sa chronique sur le site internet ChessCafe ainsi que dans le magazine ChessBase. Les DVDs de ChessBase sur les finales en format Fritztrainer de Müller sont des best-sellers. Ce docteur en mathématiques vit à Hambourg, où il récolte également depuis de nombreuses années des points pour l'école locale en Bundesliga.


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