Giri and Erigaisi have good start at top tournament in Shenzhen, China

by André Schulz
2/29/2024 – A top grandmaster tournament, the 5th Shenzhen Chess Masters, began today in Longgang, a district of the Chinese metropolis with a population of 17 million. Eight players are taking part, including five players with an Elo rating of over 2700. Anish Giri and Erigaisi started with victories.| Photos: Shenzhen News Network

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This morning, Central European Time, the 5th Shenzhen (Longgang) Chess Masters in Shenzhen (China) started with the first round. The tournament will be held from 29 February to 7 March in Longgang, one of the ten districts of the 17 million metropolis of Shenzhen.

The tournament is sponsored by the Chess and Card Sports Management Centre of the State Sports Headquarters, the Chinese Chess Federation, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports and the Shenzhen Longgang District People's Government. The local organiser is the Shenzhen Longgang District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports.

Eight players have been invited to this top tournament, four international grandmasters and four local top players. The four international players are Anish Giri (Elo 2762, 4th in the world), the only European in the field, the Indian Arjun Erigaisi (Elo 2738, 18th in the world), the Russian grandmaster Vladislav Artemiev (Elo 2711, 30th in the world) and his compatriot Daniil Dubov (Elo 2708, 32nd in the world). The four Chinese participants are Yu Yangyi (Elo 2720, third in China), Bu Xiangzhi (Elo 2671, fifth in China), Ma Qun (Elo 2651, eighth in China) and Xu Xiangyu (Elo 2651, eighth in China).

The latter two Chinese grandmasters are not particularly well known internationally, but also have impressive ratings.

Before the tournament began there was a small opening ceremony with speeches from the official representatives. In his speech, Zhou Ying, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Chess Federation, emphasised the importance of the metropolis of Shenzhen for the development of chess in China. For example, a training centre for China's squad and national players has been set up in Longgang.

"The tournament brings together top chess players from all over the world," said Zhou Ying. "They will present wonderful chess games to the large number of chess fans over the next few days. We hope that by hosting the event, we can further promote chess in Shenzhen and give more people the opportunity to experience and discover the endless charm of the game".

Representing the city, Wang Zhiqiang, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, pointed out that the 5th Shenzhen (Longgang) Chess Masters will be one of the strongest tournaments in Asia this year. "We hope that by hosting such international events, we can further promote the popularity and development of chess in Shenzhen and Longgang, and contribute to making Shenzhen an intellectual sports city and an internationally renowned sports city."

GM Ye Jiangchuan, President of the Chinese Chess Federation, opened the tournament after the official part.

The two international guests, Arjun Erigaisi and Anish Giri, got off to a good start. The young Indian star defeated Xiangyu Xu. Anish Giri defeated Vladislav Artemiev by sacrificing his bishop and h6, unleashing a crushing attack. The two other games ended in a draw.

Results round 1




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