From chess talent to financial expert

by André Schulz
11/23/2023 – Had he followed in the footsteps of his uncle of the same name, Tamaz Georgadze would be a chess grandmaster today. He learned chess at the age of four and was a high-flyer in other respects too. But the talented chess player chose a different path and is now one of Germany's biggest fintech talents with his company Raisin DS. The German magazine "Finanzbusiness" has published a portrait of him.| Photo: Lukas Schramm

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The name Tamaz Georgadze (also: Tamaz Giorgadze, born 1947) has a good reputation in the chess world. In the 1960s and 1970s he was one of the best players of the Soviet Republic of Georgia and played for the Soviet Union in World Student Team Championships and international tournaments. In 1978 Tamaz Georgadze made it to the final of the USSR Championships, where he finished fourth behind Tsheshkovsky, Tal and Polugaevsky and ahead of players such as Geller, Beliavsky and the young Kasparov, who was at the beginning of his brilliant career. Tamaz Georgadze then concentrated more on chess training and was, among other things, coach and second of Anatoly Karpov.

Had it been up to him, his nephew of the same name would also have had a successful chess career. Tamaz Georgadze junior was a prodigy, defeating other children and teenagers at chess by the age of four. He completed his A-levels at the age of 12, then began his university studies, graduating at the age of 17 with a doctorate in economics. During his studies he worked part-time as an advisor to Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze - he was 15 at the time.

In 1995 Georgadze came to Germany on a German Academic Exchange Service scholarship and completed his doctorate in agricultural economics in Giessen. The high-flyer also passed his first state examination in law.

Georgadze then became a consultant at McKinsey and in 2013 founded the fintech company Raisin with partners. In 2021, the company merged with Deposit Solutions to form Raisin DS, which is now one of the top five fintech companies in Germany.

Georgadze, who has been a German citizen for some time, is an admirer of Garry Kasparov, and not just because of Kasparov's great chess career. A keen observer of world politics, especially events in Eastern Europe, Georgadze is very critical of developments in Russia. According to Georgadze Kasparov showed courage in taking an early stand against Putin's imperialism, which is supported by large sections of Russian society.

Hauke Rudolph wrote a portrait of the chess and finance talent for the magazine Finanzbusiness.

André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.