Bringing chess to your TV screen

by Nadja Wittmann
10/18/2018 – A computer is fine but following chess on your TV can be even better. With a HDMI cable that connects your computer with your TV you can watch the Fritz Trainer DVDs on a big screen. However, most modern TVs already come with a browser in which case you don't even need the computer to enjoy chess on your TV. | Drawing: ChessBase

Power Fritz 18 Power Fritz 18

Fritz has fascinated the chess world for 30 years. And the success story continues. In Vienna, the most popular chess program ever was once again able to underline its premier position: the newly developed neural engine with NNUE technology won the official Chess Software World Championship!


Get ready for the World Championship

If your TV has internet access you can simply reach ChessBase Videos via your TV. Open the web browser of your TV and enter If you are a Premium member log in with your ChessBase Account and watch the video of your choice. Otherwise...

Connect your computer

The easiest and most popular way to watch training DVDs on your TV is to use a HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV. Modern TVs usually all have an HDMI port. The TV set now works like an additional screen and you can comfortably relax on your sofa — though you control via the computer and not the TV remote control!

HDMI cable

Watching Yannick Pelletier

Yannick Pelletier explains the Vienna Variation on the big screen

"Screen Mirroring"

Modern technology offers more than one way to connect your computer with your TV set. However, the quality of the transmission very much depends on the quality of the devices used (modern TV, fast computer, good WiFi and internet connection, etc.)

If your TV supports "Screen Mirroring" you will usually find the respective app by scrolling through the menu with your remote control.

An example "Screen mirroring" App

The starting screen of the Screen mirroring App on a Sony Bravia

First, you have to enter the settings into the app and tell it which device you want to connect.

Making a connection

The TV connects to the laptop...

The connection is established and the laptop screen also appears on the TV screen.


On laptop and TV: Yannick Pelletier talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the Vienna Variation

The ChessBase Videos page can also be relayed to your TV screen in this way.

In English, you would see GM Daniel King here

Tip: If, when testing the "Screen Mirroring" the transmission does not work smoothly, try lowering the screen resolution of the notebook the video ran without any problems.

ChessBase Account Apps with the TV Browser

Here, you don't even need your computer. You do have pure Chess TV!

Going online with a Sony Bravia TV

Use the remote control to enter the URL of the site of your choice

ChessBase news on TV!

If you have a remote control with a decent mouse you can access other ChessBase web apps:

Watch the best games!

If you have a remote control with a decent mouse try tactics training on TV!

Text and photos: Nadja Wittmann (ChessBase)


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