Fritztrainer App for Mac

by Arne Kaehler
6/18/2020 – Did you know that you can use our Fritztrainers apps on a Mac without ChessBase software? The apps also offer many interesting functions, e.g. repertoire training, positions for training, various engine options, and much more. Take a look at our short video, which introduces all important functions.

Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol.1-3 Navigating the Ruy Lopez Vol.1-3

The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest openings which continues to enjoy high popularity from club level to the absolute world top. In this video series, American super GM Fabiano Caruana, talking to IM Oliver Reeh, presents a complete repertoire for White.


The Fritztrainer App

No doubt, the Fritztrainer apps work best when used together with our ChessBase software. Nonetheless, some people either don't own ChessBase yet or they do not have a Windows PC, but a Mac.

However, the Fritztrainer apps have several functions which you can use for analysing, practising and for widening your repertoire easily.

The following short video briefly explains all these functions to show you the power of the Fritztrainer.

All of our Mac friendly Fritztrainer apps:

Kindly note that any Fritz Trainer with the mark Windows & Mac on its cover is the right one for Mac users and for Windows users who don't own our ChessBase software yet. 


Arne Kaehler, a creative thinker who is passionate about board games in general was born in Hamburg and learned how to play chess at a very young age. Through teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess content on YouTube, Arne was able to extend this passion onto others and has even made an online chess course for anyone who wants to learn how to play this game. Currently, Arne blogs for the English news page of ChessBase and focuses on creating promotional and entertaining articles.


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dr4kan dr4kan 2/11/2021 07:44
It would be great to have a ChessBase version for mac too.
razzmonid razzmonid 12/20/2020 02:30
Hi, I have very much interested in purchasing Chessbase software (ChessBase, Fritz, and MegaDatabase). But I only use Mac Computers (iMac and MacBook Pro). With the release of the M1 chip and other incoming M1-based chips for Apple, it beats the competition in terms of Speed, Battery Life, and ease of use. Why would ChessBase not release a Mac version? I think it is time that ChessBase rethink their strategy. Though this is just my personal opinion, I would think that it may not be only me thinking that ChessBase on a Mac would really be a great thing.