FIDE statement on rating specific tournaments

by ChessBase
12/19/2023 – FIDE has issued a statement in response to the last-minute series of matches in Chartres, France, which began on Monday 18th December and in which Alireza Firouzja is playing three much weaker opponents in an attempt to gain the necessary Elo points that would secure him a place in the 2024 Candidates Tournament.

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FIDE press release

Today, on December 18, the mini-matches featuring GM Alireza Firouzja (Elo 2750) began in Chartres, France - his hometown. This eight-game tournament pits Firouzja against three veteran players with an average rating of 2497 Elo points. Concerns have arisen regarding the tournament's potential purpose: whether it was orchestrated to aid Mr Firouzja in boosting his rating for potential qualification into the Candidates Tournament 2024.

The International Chess Federation would like to point out that, according to Clause 0.4 of its Rating Regulations, "FIDE reserves the right not to rate a specific tournament".

FIDE has already sent an official request to the organizers of the event. We will carefully follow and investigate all aspects of the organization of the above-mentioned tournament and all the games played by its participants before deciding whether to rate it.

The International Chess Federation is dedicated to addressing not just this specific case but also similar occurrences that may arise. Discussions will be held to explore potential amendments to the FIDE Rating Regulations, aiming to prevent such situations in the future.

FIDE reiterates its unwavering commitment to upholding fair play and ensuring equal opportunities for all chess players.


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