FIDE Ethics imposes a six-month ban on Karjakin

by ChessBase
3/21/2022 – In reaction to public statements made by Sergey Karjakin about the war in Ukraine, the FIDE and Ethics and Disciplinary Commission banned Karjakin for six months "from participating as a player in any FIDE rated chess competition, taking effect from the date of this decision, 21 March 2022." Therefore, Karjakin will not be able to play in the Candidates Tournament that is scheduled to take place from 16 June to 7 July in Madrid, Spain. Grandmaster Sergei Shipov, who regularly works as a commentator, was not banned by FIDE for his statements about the war because "in comparison with Sergey Karjakin, Sergei Shipov is considerably less known and has, therefore, a less powerful platform." | Picture: Sergey Karjakin, Sergei Shipov | Picture: FIDE

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FIDE Press release, 21 March 2022

The FIDE Ethics and Disciplinary Commission (EDC) has reached a verdict on the case 2/2022, relating to public statements by grandmasters Sergey Karjakin (FIDE ID 14109603) and Sergei Shipov (FIDE ID 4113624).

The EDC First Instance Chamber, formed by Yolander Persaud (Guyana), Ravindra Dongre (India), and Johan Sigeman (Sweden) as Chairperson, unanimously decided as follows:

Sergey Karjakin is found guilty of breach of article 2.2.10 of the FIDE Code of Ethics, and is sanctioned to a worldwide ban of six months from participating as a player in any FIDE rated chess competition, taking effect from the date of this decision, 21 March 2022.

Sergei Shipov is found not guilty of breach of article 2.2.10 of the FIDE Code of Ethics. 

The article 2.2.10 of the Code of Ethics reads as follows:

“(…) Disciplinary action in accordance with this Code of Ethics will be taken in cases of occurrences which cause the game of chess, FIDE or its federations to appear in an unjustifiable unfavorable light and in this way damage its reputation.”

“The statements by Sergey Karjakin on the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine has led to a considerable number of reactions on social media and elsewhere, to a large extent negative towards the opinions expressed by Sergey Karjakin”, reads point 7.37 of the 10-page document where the EDC explains the reasons and legal background for its decision.

It continues: “A necessary condition for the establishment of guilt is that the statements have reached the public domain. This concept, with respect to disrepute clauses in sport, is not the world at large but the sport in which the accused engages, such as chess. Information concerning the accused's conduct which is not published in the media, but which can be learnt without a great deal of labour by persons engaged in the chess world or a relevant part of it, will be in the public domain and satisfy the public exposure element. The EDC Chamber is comfortably satisfied that this condition is fulfilled in this case.”

“The EDC Chamber finds, against the background given above, on the standard of comfortable satisfaction that the statements of Sergey Karjakin, which, by his own choice and presentation, can be connected to the game of chess, damage the reputation of the game of chess and/or FIDE. The likelihood that these statements will damage the reputation of Sergey Karjakin personally is also considerable”
, it concludes.

The Chamber explains its decision to not sanction Sergei Shipov with the following argument: “In comparison with Sergey Karjakin, Sergei Shipov is considerably less known and has, therefore, a less powerful platform. The statements made by Sergei Shipov are also of a slightly different and less provocative character than the ones made by Karjakin. In an overall evaluation of the potential negative impact on the game of chess and/or FIDE, the EDC Chamber is not sufficiently convinced that Sergei Shipov’s statements qualify as a breach of article 2.2.10.”

Sergey Karjakin has been advised by EDC that this decision may be appealed to the Appeal Chamber of the EDC by giving written notice of such appeal to the FIDE Secretariat within 21 days from the date upon which this decision is received. The notice of appeal must clearly state all the grounds for the appeal. Failing the due exercise of this right of appeal, the EDC Chamber's decision will become final.



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elmaestro1967 elmaestro1967 6/30/2022 07:13
Wow guys don't be so brainwashed. How many time in the name of especial operation USA invaded many countries ? And every body knows that Ukraine is the place for the globalists to laundry the money, all the biolabs, and virus created in this labs, the child trafficking and child sex and adrenochrome, USA,UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. are involved in the crime against humanity. The president of the Ukraine is a criminal. Ukraine killed many Russians-speaking since 2014 for a long 8 years and no MSM said nothing. Is time to pay back. Putin is not an Angel , nor the NATO, UN, WHO, CDC, FDA, ETC. THINK FOR YOUR SELF.
arzi arzi 4/27/2022 12:48
Btw oxygenes, Slava Ukraini and Herojam Slava!
arzi arzi 4/26/2022 09:23
You are too busy trolling on your own, oxygenes. Vladimir Putin will tell you an absolute truth if you ask him about the SPECIAL OPERATION in Ukraine. Yes, Putin will admit that it is a WAR but he will use a secret language to express it. Why? Because he does not want to go jail for the 15 years.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/25/2022 08:55
I have no time for your trolling, but Baba Yaga will tell you correct answer, if you use passphrase "Hulmiho Ukolen".
arzi arzi 4/25/2022 06:17
Blaa, blaaa, blaaa, Troll-oxygenes.

You did NOT answer to my question, is there a WAR or a SPECIAL OPERATION in Ukraine?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/23/2022 07:06
Your first section is just your imagination again, which you try associate to me.
Fascism has no nationality, Hitler had Jewish roots too, so again nothing unusual.
WW1-2 is logical result of global exploration of the Earth. Effort of big powers to parasite upon resources of new discovered areas is good visible since discovering american continent, but it was here before long ago. So facts are facts and your infantile trolling changed nothing about it.
Nor Russia, nor Ukraina declared the war, so if you have troubles, how to call this military campaign, you can ask Jen Psaki, she was even capable send sixth american fleet towards Belorussian coastlines. But this time consequences will be more hard.
arzi arzi 4/22/2022 07:19
Yes, your logic is this: Justice is on the side of the strong. If the stronger side decide to steal the wealth of a neighboring country, then that is justified because the stronger side is in the "right" case. Freedom of speech and the press are useless. Censor out the information that gives a bad picture of the leader. Murder those reporters or separate from his/her job the newspaper editors who dear to criticize the leader of the Russian. The leader of the neo Soviet Russia, as Stalin, is in this case, Dictator Putin. People in Russia do not need to know the truth because it is enough that Putin knows the "truth." He justified his attack on Ukraine, "special operation", to overthrow the Nazi regime. However, the president of Ukraine is a Jewish man. A Jewish Nazi leader, a really funny excuse.

You should read more about history and a little further into the past. The Second World War did not begin with the First World War, but the reasons for it were already present decades from previous events, far before WW1. I will not tell you where and when, but I urge you to find out for yourself.

Facts are facts but your so called logical thinking is illogical. That is quite funny thing. Btw. You did NOT answer to my question, is there a WAR or a SPECIAL OPERATION in Ukraine?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/21/2022 04:12
Answer for your questions you can find, if you will study history. There were more such events, when one side attacked another- Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Irak, Syria.
Even FRA+GB could did such military operation, when Germany breaks Versailes agreements. Instead of this, they waited until Germany growth stronger and stronger. When Germany attacked Poland, FRA+GB declared war against Germany, but did nothing, just waited, until Germany attacked them.
I do not afraid 15 years of prison, if I start criticise Putin in public, because many peoples based their political agenda at rusophopbia and news support them.
Rest of your "thinking" are again just your imaginations, which you try associate to me. So save breath, i see your logic.
arzi arzi 4/21/2022 06:49
So tell me, oxygenes, is there a war in Ukraine or just a special operation, as Putin demands that it be called by that name? Be careful what you say or you might get 15 years in prison. What is the difference between a war and "special operation"? Who or which country is the next target for this Putin´s "special operation"? Is it ok to start the "special operation" also against Russian? Why not? It is just a "special operation" and it seems to be that anyone or any country is allowed to do that. Yes, let´s start the new order around the world and if innocent people die, who cares shit. You? Not you, because there are no victims in Ukraine, especially innocent, only nazis. If the ordinary weapons do not help Putin to conquer Ukraine, perhaps tactical nukes will do? And Ukraine has been saved from the nazis. Yes, I see your logic, your point, oxygenes. Save the world.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/20/2022 02:53
Hm, yes, i have fun and big smile. Your expectations about my membership are wrong so much as far your eyes can to see.
Still, there is some point - All such extremist/terrorist groups would be neutralised, no matter, how they are named and where they are dislocated. These short minded freaks often have "nice" habit to make nazi symbols tatoos upon their bodies, so reckognize them could be not big problem even in EU, if they will be able run out from Russia or Ukraina.
arzi arzi 4/19/2022 12:10
Russian National Unity (RNU; transcribed Russkoe natsionalnoe edinstvo RNE) or All-Russian civic patriotic movement "Russian National Unity" (Russian: Всероссийское общественное патриотическое движение "Русское национальное единство"), was an unregistered neo-Nazi, irredentist group based in Russia and formerly operating in states with Russian-speaking populations. It was founded by the ultra-nationalist Alexander Barkashov.
After the ban on the group, some of the leaders of RNU were jailed and the group was split into a number of other groups. The members of these new groups, namely Alexander Barkashov, Russian Orthodox Army, and others have since have engaged in religious activities and pro-Russian activism in Donbas conflict. They also support the Russian invasion of Ukraine and expressed their readiness to fight against the Ukraine."

Well, well, is it possible that you are the member of one of these neo-nazi groups? Have fun and a big smile!
oxygenes oxygenes 4/19/2022 09:53
It is good, that you are alive. Someone like you must to stay and see fate of your brainwashed nazi comrades from Azov. So take your pills and wait your fate, until conflict will be ended.
arzi arzi 4/19/2022 06:44
Thank God I'm alive despite Putin and his supporters like you, oxygenes. Even if you try to use Putin's intimidation tactics for me, it won't work. Dictators and their brainwashed subjects always end up with the fate they deserve, as ridiculous and bloodthirsty idiots.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/17/2022 11:37
Well, you are alive, instead of many your Azov´s comrades. You still can learn Ukrainian language too, to be independed from pre-chewed corporate news. And you can spare your ridiculous attepmts to insult me for your attending physician. Do not worry, he will take care about you.
arzi arzi 4/15/2022 06:03
You are Putinist and you can not know any other "news" but Putin-news. Somebody else is already thinking for you. You don't have to use your own brain, it is useless to you.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/14/2022 11:26
Such pre-chewed corporate news as you copied here are primarily assigned for typical readers of your kind.
arzi arzi 4/14/2022 12:44
That is why I wrote: Some news:

You're not very smart, are you?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/14/2022 12:13
You wrote nothing new, such copy-paste articles i can read in every corporate news. And rest of your individual "thinking" is again just blah, blah, blah...
arzi arzi 4/14/2022 08:00
Some news:"Russian troops in Ukraine now command 'Syrian butcher' - General Alexander Dvornikov. According to expert descriptions, 60-year-old Alexander Vladimirovich Dvornikov is an “old covenant general” and a “nationalist in spirit and blood". At the turn of the millennium, Dvornikov commanded the Russian motorized rifle division in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. Information spread to the world that Russian soldiers raiding the city fired “everything that was moving”. Thousands of civilians were also killed in attacks on artillery fire, missiles and controversial cluster bombs.
Putin has not forgotten his credit officer. In 2015, President Putin appointed Dvornikov commander of Russian forces in the Syrian war. Aleppo, ruled by the opposition, was bent over the regime of Bashar al-Assad under Russian leadership, but not without sacrifice. Tens of thousands of Syrians lost their lives and the historic city turned into ruins when Dvornikov's troops rioted there with familiar tactics from Grozny. The attacks also targeted hospitals, schools and bread queues, among others. This is why Dvornikov has been nicknamed “Syrian Butcher” in the West. Putin, for his part, rewarded the commander for his achievements in Syria with the title and medal of the Hero of the Russian Federation."

Putin has the "best" man in charge in Ukraine. Are there starting to rain thousands of flowers and balloons of different colors over the blue sky of Ukraine as a sign of brotherly love? Why you need an enemy when you have a friend like Putin? "Love and peace!" as Putin would shout in his great joy.
arzi arzi 4/14/2022 07:30
Maybe you should change your name from oxygenes to no-oxygenes, right?
arzi arzi 4/14/2022 07:09
It’s funny that every time you get caught lying (which happens OFTEN), you start mumble, give your idiotic links to look at and start blaming another writer for the trolling. You are yourself a very sad case of trolling. In fact, I believe there is no oxygen in your brain, right?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/13/2022 10:28
As i expected, you show not arguments, just blah, blah, blah...
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 07:36
Sorry, I don't speak your language, venäjää. Play what? Do I have to guess your thoughts? If you can't read your own text you should start school once again. They will teach you in school to read and write but they can't teach you to think. It is too late for that to you.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/13/2022 05:21
You can play (you know) as much, as you want.
- map shows area name at English language as: Finland, but you probably like more such: Финляндия.
I have no problem with this. Let it be: Финляндия.
About something for Martas - what exactly? Or do you mentioned it just for trolling?
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 04:35
Don't try to invent the history, learn it by reading and asking questions from people who know the history.
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 04:30
You tried to prove something to Martas. He asked about it from you but you did not answer. Check yourself those texts below.
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 04:21
You talked about Finland. Why did you even mentioned Finland? For fun?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/13/2022 04:12
I wrote about Finland -USSR war during winter 1939-1940, when situation was different, so do not play (you know)...
France betrayed Czechoslovakia in 1938- it is fact, betraying Poland 1939 in consequences of strange behavior FRA+GB - see Polish newspapers from begining of WW2.
Activity GB in Afghanistan and India are well known, so what about nonsenses you says?
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 03:32
oxygenes:"Well, what to say? Empty words for help from GB, FRA as usual.."

What words? Put the facts on the table, and don’t talk like a fairy tale uncle.

oxygenes:"Still, prolonging war FInland-USSR could give "official" reason for GB+FRA plans attack soviet oil bases under cover of helping Finland."

You really should read first about history and only then write or talk about it. Prolonging the war? Finland fought about its freedom. The allied countries, GB, France, USA ..., Soviet Union were on the same side, and therefore did not help Finland in its war against Soviet Union. Actually the allied countries sent weapons to Murmansk and with the help of those weapons Soviet Union fought also against Finland. You shouldn’t tell your own fairy tales, as the truth.

Btw, why do you smile when you write nonsense? Does it make you a funny guy?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/13/2022 02:24
Well, what to say? Empty words for help from GB, FRA as usualy, see 1938 Czechoslovakia, 1939 Poland. Still, prolonging war FInland-USSR could give "official" reason for GB+FRA plans attack soviet oil bases under cover of helping Finland. End of Finland-USSR war put these plans into another level.
And for confusing countries, do not worry. Looking upon globe, I have feeling, that confused was GB, if look where are British islands and Afghanistan or India, for example. :)
arzi arzi 4/13/2022 01:13
oxygenes:"May be you can explain, why GB did not agreed for peace in Finland-USSR war."

What an earth you are talking? What is it to GB about a peace in Finland-USSR war? When USSR started an attack on Finland in 1940 our country asked help from GP, France, USA ... and did not get any help from any of them, not even from Germany. So, could you explain to me why GB should have anything to say or be agreed for peace in that war? Maybe you're confusing countries? Finland is located in northern Europe and the GP is closer to Africa.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/12/2022 12:00
Usualy can be found videos for both sides view, here i have just one. Other resources were blocked by youtube or are within of social networks, where i have no access. May be you will have more luck.
These plans in situation, where FRA+GB were at "war" with Germany due to attack Poland, looks crazy enough. Strike against USSR could change non-agression GER-USSR pact into alliance. And when we see speed, how then Germany defeated FRA+GB forces, there could be critical situation (almost no hope) for GB, if main German forces dislocated upon Russian borders would be concentrated for attack of GB...
For deflection of Karjakin's ban theme - agree, doing decision without knowing real background can lead into wrong results. There Karjakin himself probably could do more detailed explanation of his stance, but he did not.
Martas Martas 4/10/2022 02:18
GB vs. Finland-USSR peace - no clue here, any link suggesting what exactly you have in mind?
FRA+GB plans vs. USSR oil bases, wasn't that outcome of DE+USSR pact?

You go really far away from original topic of Karjakin's ban due to support of nazi-based propaganda against Ukraine. Is it intentional?
oxygenes oxygenes 4/9/2022 08:38
I agree your first part with. But you are wrong, if you want understand new events without knowing past.
May be you can explain, why GB did not agreed for peace in Finland-USSR war.
As auxiliary question you can explain for yourself, why FRA+GB planned attack Soviet oil bases in Baku, Groznyj, Batumi. And do not worry, these plans were captured by German forces, when Hitler decided attack France avoiding Maginot line.
So your can save breath for citate of Churchill, no offence.
Martas Martas 4/8/2022 10:40
@oxygenes: I'm not going to excuse any attacking side of any conflict, especially not sides which commit war crimes. I'm strongly against all that, I have no intention to support any of that, no matter whether it was Hitler, Bandera, Stalin, US, UK, Belgium, Islamic terrorist, or at the moment Putin. Reason for looking at historical issues for me, and I believe for majority of people, is to learn how to prevent that. And that means also trying to understand reasons of these things - not to support them, but to prevent them.
Contrary to this what you are doing is searching for excuses of Russian invasion to Ukraine and for their support, hand in hand with Russian propaganda. Starting with connecting Bandera's crimes 80 years ago with "supporting correct side" of current conflict, continuing with accusations of supporting nazi Germany or even other older problems when you are confronted with opinion, that 80 year old crimes are not relevant reasons for this conflict or for picking any side of that conflict. It's only excuses, nothing more. Reasons are completely different, they have nothing to do with history of WWII war crimes.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/8/2022 09:47
So, as i expected, you was not able explain behavior Belgian and British forces in Africa. Instead of this, you tried misinterpreted my words. This is well know trolling technique.
And you totally wrong in: " following your country leaders in their "denazification" targets." and rest is just your imaginations, which you tried asociate to me.

Martas: "btw. isn't it true that brave red army saving death camps in Poland was 40% ukrainian soldiers?"
Well, finally you were forced noticed area between Ukraina and Germany, how remarkable.
Even if it these % are correct, this still change nothing upon behavior of these, who supported nazi Germany side.
Thanks to my chess books and journals, i learned other languages, so i am not depending of mainstream relative news.
So learn math part first and logic too.
Martas Martas 4/8/2022 07:59
@oxygenes: btw. isn't it true that brave red army saving death camps in Poland was 40% ukrainian soldiers?
Martas Martas 4/8/2022 07:53
@oxygenes: "That means, that peoples can start support Ukraina side too, if supporting nazi side was good thing."

You go really far in your conclusions following your country leaders in their "denazification" targets. So far you accused Ukraine, Latvia, Belgium, UK, I guess you find other targets for future conflicts with your country, of course anybody who would help them defending should be labeled as nazi supporter, right? How about Poland? So far they are main supporters of Ukrainian refugees. And I'm just curious you didn't mention Germany so far, waiting for reincarnation of Ribbentrop/Molotov pact?
"The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists." Winston S. Churchill

If you present your ideas to support Karjakin, just be aware that very much same ideas turned brave Russian soldiers into monsters raping kids, torturing their mothers in front of them etc. Otherwise go on, your statements are not wrapped by any chess title I expect.
oxygenes oxygenes 4/8/2022 07:19
Again wrong. My main idea is about theme - Is Karjakin right or not in his support of russian president? In consequences - are these sanctions against Karjakin correct or not?
Truth abouth Bandera and his followers is good thing for all peoples, they can take correct stance, then war will be ended sooner. That means, that peoples can start support Ukraina side too, if supporting nazi side was good thing. And you try misrepresent it.
You show your side too, ignoring death camps in Poland, in consequences you advocated nazi side.

Martas: "If you would really want to prevent repeating genocides or death camps, you first need to understand reasons which lead to this."
I agree, you can explain it upon behavior of the Belgian and British soldiers in Africa in early 1900.-th years.
Martas Martas 4/8/2022 09:57
@oxygenes : "It is cheaper prevent creation of the fire, than extinguish it."
I agree, fighting propaganda is much cheaper then wars caused by it.