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by Robert Ris
2/21/2019 – Today's topic: The Carlsen Line (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4 Nc6 5.Qd2!?) against the Sicilian. Thursday, at 16:00 UTC (17:00 CET, 11 am EST), IM Robert Ris shows sharp and double edged opening lines. If you fancy sacrificing or playing gambits, this show is a must see. Not only will you profit from specific opening ideas but you'll learn a lot of interesting general opening concepts too. The live show is free to watch, and available on-demand for ChessBase Premium account holders (but FREE for a limited time!). To chat, please visit or login via Playchess for Windows.

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Sicilian: The Carlsen Line

The live show is free to watch and available on-demand for ChessBase Premium accounts.

The Carlsen Line in the Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4 Nc6 5.Qd2!?) can lead to very sharp play. White quickly wants to castle queenside to launch an attack against Black's king. Here's a warm-up exercise from the game Carlsen-Wojtaszek, Gashimov Memorial 2018. Black's last move was 16...Rxh7. What would you play with White now? 


White to move

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Robert is an International Master who mostly spends his time training and coaching talented youngsters. On the PlayChess server The Fast and the Furious is a popular show where he explains sharp opening lines for a wider audience. He is also a well-known ChessBase author who produced numerous DVDs and regularly contributes to ChessBase Magazine as well. Since 2015 he is the organizer of the Dutch Rapid Championships in his home town Amstelveen. He has started a YouTube channel with chess analysis as well.


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