European Club Cup: Six teams still perfect in the open

by Carlos Alberto Colodro
10/6/2022 – After three rounds, six teams in the open section of the European Club Cup have won all their matches in Mayrhofen. The top scorers on individual boards are Silla Valencia (Korobov, Santos), Offerspill (Carlsen, Tari) and Viernheim (Kryvoruchko, Kuzubov). In the women’s event, Superbet (Bulmaga, Saduakassova) and Pamhagen (Danielian, Ushenina) have collected 6 match points in the first three rounds. | Photos: European Chess Union

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Silla Valencia the top scorers

Due to the observance of Yom Kippur, a holy day in Judaism which is observed by many secular Jews who may not observe other holidays, some of the round-3 matches at the European Club Cup were played at 19:00 local time, five hours later than the regular starting time. All Israeli teams participating (three in the open and two in the women’s section) and their opponents had evening sessions on Wednesday.

Once all the matches had finished, near midnight, six teams emerged as co-leaders in the open tournament. The biggest upsets of the round saw the two French squads — Asnieres (third seeds) and Clichy (fifth seeds) — only getting draws against lower-rated opposition: Sentimento Ajka and Gokturk respectively.

All the remaining six teams (excluding the French squads) in the top-8 scored wins and kept a perfect score. So far, the top scorers on individual boards are Silla Valencia (Korobov, Santos), Offerspill (Carlsen, Tari) and Viernheim (Kryvoruchko, Korobov). 

The six teams on 6/6 will face each other in the fourth round:

  • Superbet (Anand, Rapport) - Viernheim (Kryvoruchko, Korobov)
  • Offerspill (Carlsen, Tari) - Novy Bor (Harikrishna, Vidit)
  • Silla Valencia (Korobov, Santos) - Ljubljana (Arjun, Saric)

Vishy Anand, Rauf Mamedov

Vishy Anand (Superbet) drew Rauf Mamedov (Vugar Gashimov) with black

The favourites, Superbet, managed a 4-2 victory over Vugar Gashimov despite a loss on board 2, where Richard Rapport was upset by Ukrainian rising star Kirill Shevchenko. Playing black, the 20-year-old from Kyiv had an extra pawn in a rook endgame with connected passers on opposite flanks of the board.


Shevchenko needed 18 moves to convert this position into a win. The youngster is playing board 2 for the otherwise all-Azerbaijani team named after the much-esteemed late Vugar Gashimov.

Standings after round 3

Rk. Team  TB1 
1 Silla - València Origin of Chess 6
2 Offerspill Chess Club 6
3 Schachclub Viernheim 1934e.V. 6
4 Novy Bor Chess club 6
5 CSU ASE Superbet 6
6 TAJFUN - SK Ljubljana 6
7 Clichy-Echecs-92 5
8 Gokturk Satranc Spor Kulubu 5
9 Asnieres Le Grand Echiquier 5
10 Sentimento Ajka BSK 5
11 SK Rockaden 5
12 Beer Sheva Chess Club 4
13 Vugar Gashimov 4
14 FC Bayern München 4
15 Kfar Saba Chess Club 4

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Pamhagen beats Monte-Carlo

An all-important early round in the women’s event saw the third seeds representing Pamhagen (Austria) beating the top seeds from the Cercle d’Echecs Monte-Carlo. Meanwhile, Superbet (second in the starting rank) got the better of Odlar Yardu (fourth).

Pamhagen got draws on boards 1 and 3, both with the white pieces, while Anna Ushenina and Aleksandra Maltsevskaya collected victories with black.

In a duel of former world champions, Ushenina defeated Antoaneta Stefanova after finding a tactical shot to finish off her opponent in a clearly superior position.


Things had clearly gone wrong for White, as there is no way to stop the far-advanced c-pawn without making major concessions. After 47...Qxg4+, Stefanova played 48.Qxg4 allowing 48...Ne3+, and only then resigned the game.

Alina Kashlinskaya, Oliwia Kiolbasa

Gwiazda Bydgoszcz’s Alina Kashlinskaya and Oliwia Kiolbasa

Naturally, Pamhagen will face Superbet in the fourth round. The teams that lost on the two top boards on Wednesday will not have an easy task either:

  • Superbet (Bulmaga, Saduakassova) - Pamhagen (Danielian, Ushenina)
  • Monte-Carlo (Anna Muzychuk, Stefanova) - Erste Bank Baden (Salimova, Roebers)
  • Odlar Yurdu (Mammadzada, Fataliyeva) - Gwiazda Bydgoszcz (Kashlinskaya, Kiolbasa)

Standings after round 3

Rk. Team  TB1 
1 ASVOe Pamhagen 6
2 CSU ASE Superbet 6
3 Odlar Yurdu 4
4 Cercle d'Echecs de Monte-Carlo 4
5 SK Erste Bank Baden 4
6 BGK KS Gwiazda Bydgoszcz 4
7 Wood Green 4
8 Blue & Yellow 3
9 Haifa-Nesher 3
10 Rishon Lezion Chess Club 3

...17 teams

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Carlos Colodro is a Hispanic Philologist from Bolivia. He works as a freelance translator and writer since 2012. A lot of his work is done in chess-related texts, as the game is one of his biggest interests, along with literature and music.