European Championship: Two out of two

by Klaus Besenthal
3/5/2023 – After the second round of the European Championship, a 56-player leading group has emerged. Gabriel Sargissian, David Navara, Jules Moussard, Boris Gelfand and Ivan Saric are the five highest-rated players who have won their first two games in the Serbian city of Vrnjacka Banja. | Photos: European Chess Union

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Nine rounds to go

Romanian grandmaster Vladislav Nevednichy had a few opportunities, in his game against Alexander Donchenko, to get out of the predicament he got into early on, but failed to take advantage of them.

After a serious oversight, the game ended abruptly in the German’s favour.


Rasmus Svane’s game against Bulgarian IM Tsvetan Stoyanov had a curious resemblance to Donchenko’s in the end, at least on a superficial level.


The other two German grandmasters were less successful in round 2: Frederik Svane had to settle for a draw against Romanian IM Alexandru-Vasile David, while Dmitrij Kollars lost to Israeli FM Matan Gorodetzky.

Boris Gelfand

Boris Gelfand (born 1968) is the senior member of the leadership group.

David Navara

David Navara has fallen back a bit from the absolute top of the world in recent years - at the EICC he is seeded number four

Standings - Round 2

Rk. Name Pts.  TB1 
1 Sargissian Gabriel 2 0
  Navara David 2 0
  Moussard Jules 2 0
  Gelfand Boris 2 0
  Saric Ivan 2 0
  Sarana Alexey 2 0
  Shevchenko Kirill 2 0
  Korobov Anton 2 0
  Nguyen Thai Dai Van 2 0
  Gledura Benjamin 2 0
  Sargsyan Shant 2 0
  Abasov Nijat 2 0
  Kovalev Vladislav 2 0
  Safarli Eltaj 2 0
  Mastrovasilis Dimitrios 2 0
  Paravyan David 2 0
  Kadric Denis 2 0
  Kobalia Mikhail 2 0
  Livaic Leon 2 0
  Kozak Adam 2 0
  Stremavicius Titas 2 0
  Nasuta Grzegorz 2 0
  Stocek Jiri 2 0
  Dvirnyy Danyyil 2 0
  Yilmazyerli Mert 2 0
  Kourkoulos-Arditis Stamatis 2 0
  Brunello Sabino 2 0
  Gorshtein Ido 2 0
  Gharibyan Mamikon 2 0
30 Sanal Vahap 2 0

...484 players

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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.