Erwin l´Ami is Dutch online Blitz Champion

by Johannes Fischer
6/27/2016 – The Dutch online Blitz Championship was played on 23rd June on the ChessBase playchess server as a 16-player knock-out tournament with a time-limit of 3+3 - three minutes for the whole game plus three seconds increment per move. Reigning champion Erwin l´Ami dominated the tournament from the start and in the final defeated Loek van Wely 5-2 to defend his title.

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Erwin l´Ami defends his title in Dutch Online Blitz Championship

Blitz Champion Erwin l´Ami in a relaxed mood

In the first round, the round of the last 16, the first player to win two games qualified, in the quarterfinals you needed three wins to advance, in the semifinals four wins were necessary and the winnner of the final was the first player to win five games.

Defending Champion Erwin l'Ami dominated the tournament from the start and advanced to the semifinals without losing or drawing a single game. In the semifinal he defeated Benjamin Bok 4-2 (two draws) and in the final he beat Loek van Wely 5-2 (one draw).


# Handle Real name Títle FIDE-Rating
1 KingLoek Loek van Wely GM 2658
2 Jack Snipe Benjamin Bok GM 2613
3 Woef Erwin l'Ami GM 2606
4 Jan Smeets Jan Smeets GM 2600
5 erikerik Erik van den Doel GM 2568
6 SipkeErnst Sipke Ernst GM 2535
7 Rossetis Koen Leenhouts IM 2488
8 Quutje Quinten Ducarmon IM 2467
9 Roelie Roeland Pruijssers GM 2465
10 Robert Ris Robert Ris IM 2423
11 Stefan Kuipers Stefan Kuipers IM 2409
12 Thomasb98 Thomas Beerdsen KIM 2396
13 Alexy1 Mark Timmermans FM 2387
14 RushHour Mark Haast FM 2346
15 John Keating Piet Peelen IM 2336
16 Bolwerk Peter Bolwerk NIM 2197

Round 1, 13:00 h 

A: KingLoek Loek van Wely Bolwerk Peter Bolwerk 2-0 (3)
B: Jack Snipe Benjamin Bok John Keating Piet Peelen 2-1 (3)
C: Woef Erwin l'Ami RushHour Mark Haast 2-0 (2)
D: Jan Smeets Jan Smeets Alexy1 Mark Timmermans 1-2 (4)
E: erikerik Erik van den Doel Thomasb98 Thomas Beerdsen 2-1 (5)
F: SipkeErnst Sipke Ernst Stefan Kuipers Stefan Kuipers 2-0 (3)
G: Rossetis Koen Leenhouts Robert Ris Robert Ris 2-0 (2)
H: Quutje Quinten Ducarmon Roelie Roeland Pruijssers 2-1 (4)

Round 2, 14:15 h

I: erikerik Erik van den Doel KingLoek Loek van Wely 2-3 (6)
J: SipkeErnst Sipke Ernst Jack Snipe Benjamin Bok 2-3 (6)
K: Rossetis Koen Leenhouts Woef Erwin l'Ami 0-3 (3)
L: Quutje Quinten Ducarmon Alexy1 Mark Timmermans 0-3 (5)

Semifinal, 16:00

M: KingLoek Loek van Wely Alexy1 Mark Timmermans 4-3 (14)
N: Jack Snipe Benjamin Bok Woef Erwin l'Ami 2-4 (8)

Final, 18:25 h

  Woef Erwin l'Ami KingLoek Loek van Wely 5-2 (8)



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Johannes Fischer was born in 1963 in Hamburg and studied English and German literature in Frankfurt. He now lives as a writer and translator in Nürnberg. He is a FIDE-Master and regularly writes for KARL, a German chess magazine focusing on the links between culture and chess. On his own blog he regularly publishes notes on "Film, Literature and Chess".


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